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Statan land and stood in for it. Watches employd in
makeing mats for the foresail and sewing them on. So ends.

Friday Jan 3
This day men down statan land with a strong breeze. Steering
SE by S. The wind increase took in the fore topmast studding
sail. The wind kept on blowing harder. Took in the main royal
foretopgallantsail and maintopgallantsail. About 11 oclock.
Double reefe the fore and maintopsail. Furled the mizen topsail
and mainsail. Furled the fore topsail. A squall struck us and we
close reef the main topsail. Lay to under close reefe main stopsails
and main spencer and fore topmost stay sail. So ends this day.

Saturday Jan 4
This day the gale continued. We furld the fore sail and set
the spencer and stood quater watches. About 4 oclock
the man at the helm [notice?] a sail on the weather bow.
She run [along?] to us and we spok her. She was a
whaler of [Stonington?] bound home with 1900 barells of
Right Whale. The Captain came on board.
The boats crew were along [???] side in the boats. They
had been out 336 month. Some of our crew gave them
some tobacto and news papers and the Captain gave them some
onion. They had 2 boys wash overboard [OFF] Cape
Good Hope in a gale of wind. They said there were whales
plenty on the North West. So ends.

Sunday Jan 5
This day had a strong wind. The ship was on the wind. Watch
employd in making senate. About 12 oclock called
all hands to reefe topsails. So ends.

Monday Jan 6
This day got becalm [OFF] Cap Horn. The lanboard
watch employd in working on the rigging and making
sennate and altering the main top sail reefe [toe-rail?].
So ends.

Tuesday Jan 7
This day had a strong breeze. The ship was on the wind. Took

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A low strip running around the edge of the deck like a low bulwark. It may be shortened or have gaps in it to allow water to flow off the deck.