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in the fore topgallantsail. The watches employd in
makeing senate. The starboard watch emloyd in
balling of spunyarn. So ends.

Wenesday Jan 8
This day had a fine breeze and pleasant weather.
About 4 oclock the ship Philetus ran down to us.
The Captain came on board and stayed about 1
hour. We gave them some potatoes and onion. She was
bound home with 2200 from the North West.
The watches employd in makeing brace pennant. Putting
them on. So ends.

Thursday Jan 9
This day had a strong wind. The watches employd in ships
duty. About 4 o clock in the after noon called all
hands to reefe topsails. About 7 o clock at night took in
the mizen topsails and main sails. Took in the fore
topsail and jib lay too. All night under close reefe main
top sail and main spencer. Lash the helm and stood
quater watches. So ends.

Friday Jan 10
This day the gale continued untill about 4 oclock in the after
noon. Called all hands to ware ship and made sail as fast as
the weather better. And stood sea watches. So ends this day.

Saturday Jan 11
This day had a strong wind. Ship was on the wind. The watches
employd in making bungs for cask. Saw 1 whale beam to
the leeward. Saw nothing worth remarking. So ends this day.

Sunday Jan 12
This day had a head wind and squally weather. Took in the [flying]
jib mizen top gallant sail fore top gallant sail and main top
gallant sail. About 6 o clock in the after noon reefe the fore topsail and
maintop sail and mizentopsail. So end this day.

Monday Jan 13
This day cold and wet weather.

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spun yarn
(nautical) small stuff consisting of a lightweight rope made of several rope yarns loosely wound together.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition


A stopper, especially for the hole through which a cask, keg, or barrel is filled or emptied.