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Saturday May 18
This day we had a strong wind.
Steering SW. Saw nothing
worth remarking. About 11 o clock
we double reefe the fore and main topsails.
At night the wind increase so we
took in the fore and mizzin top sail.
Lash the helm and lay too under
close reef main topsail and main spencer.
So ends.

Sunday May 19
This day the gale continued. The watches
stood too and too. At night
the gale abated. We stood quater
watches until 12 o clock. We made
a a littil sail and
keept of before the wind.
So ends this heavy gale.

Monday May 20
This day had a strong wind.
Steering SW. About 2 oclock
in the after noon we lowerd
for a Right Whale but no
success. So ends.

Tuesday May 21
This day was foggy
and wet. Took in all
sail and stood quater watches.
So ends this wet day.

Wenesday May 22
28 29 30 31

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"too and too watch" may mean two two-hour watches in place of the 1600 to 2000 watch.