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The Dead Soldier

Lines on the death of private Alexander [Ronaye?] a native of Germany
killed in the Battle of Buena Vista. He was a highly educated and
amiable man.

In Angosturas bloody fray
Ere fortune crowned Columbias arms
A valiant soldier gasping lay
For life amidst the wild alarms
Of legions rushing to the strife
And bravely combatting for life.

He d left his home on German sail
To wander oer the western plain
And well he knew the students [tail?]
The loss of sleep the rack of brain
For [???] school has knowed him long
Its pride and boast the learned among.

And now where conquring Tailor leads
And pours his legions on the foe
The foremost stalks and foremost bleeds
The first who [in?] the field laid low
A kinder heart nerr trod the earth
A braver soldier [???] [had?] birth.

With quivering frame and look of death
Cavalier as his torments burned
As gasping forth his latest breath
He to his nearest comrad turned
And from his finger took a ring
Long cherished as a sacred thing.

Take this he cries if you survive
And send it to my far off home.
My mother be she still alive
Twill cheer [???] news her son shall come.
Tell her her boy has bravely died
Where flowed the battles fiercest tide.

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The Battle of Buena Vista, also known as the Battle of La Angostura in Mexico, happened Feb. 22-23, 1847, and was a battle of the Mexican–American War (1846 - 1848). This battle was fought near Monterey (then Mexico) between Santa Anna and General Zachary Taylor.