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It was early The Croppy Boy
It was early in the Spring
The small birds whistled sweet [old?] song
Changing their notes from tree to tree
The song they sung was old Ireland free.

It was early last Thursday night
The yeoman cavalry gave me a fright.
The yeoman cavalry was my downfall
When I was taken to Lord Cornwall

It was in the guard house where I was laid
And in his parlour where I was tried.
My sentence past and my spirits low
When to New Guinea I was forced to go.

When I was marching through the streets
The drums and fifes did play so sweet
The drums and fifes did so sweetly play
As we were marching so far away


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Croppy was a nickname given to United Irishmen rebels during the Irish Rebellion of 1798 against British rule in Ireland. The nickname "Croppy" was used in reference to the cropped hair worn by Irish nationalists who were opposed to the wearing of powdered periwigs.