Resolved that we have a common foe
without which calls for union within to the end
of which we must put aside all petty
[strifes?] jealousies and animosity that each
may feel that he is working with a brother
for a common inrerest for our interest is a
common one our eneimies know no high no
low no rich no poor but black men all to
despise reject and oppress

Resolved that we hail with delight the
union foreshadowed in the organization of
the National Council of our people
[bettering?] that if the people will give the same a
hearty support their interest and happiness
will be immesurably enhanced.

Resolved that we will give our State
Council (auxiliary to the National Council)
our hearty and generous co operation.

Resolved that {Messrs?] Downing and
Iverson be requested to visit the different
towns of the State and urge upon our
people the necessity of their giving their
support to this movement as well as to arouse
a general interest among all classes.

Resolved that in Frederick Douglass we
hail the pride of the free colored man of the
North as well as the hope of the slave in the

Resolved that it would be black
ingratitude on our part did we fail to acknowledge
and appreciate tthe life devotedness of Wm
L Garrison and Gerrit Smith with the many
others who have stood up manfully and
uncompromisingly for our rights - rights
precious to all mankind.

Resolved, that we have noticed with
painful concern the unfortunate controversy
directed against Frederick Douglass and are
satisfied with his manly defence and do
respectfully but earnestly [any?] to our friends

Resolved, that with us the colored citiziens
of the city of Providence and Frederick
Douglass there is not only a common but a
special identitiy and interest. That we are
fully persuaded that he possesses an
unswerving fidelity thereto. That he is ever
ready to crucify all personal considerations
to the cause of his people. That he
possesses high moral attainments that
a paramouint regard for principle absolute
faith in the right are shields and weapons
which he posseses and wields in our
common battle. That we deem it fit and meet to
proclaim to the wide wide world our full
appreciation of confidence in and gratitude
to Frederick Douglass as our acknowledged
leader and exponent and that we believe
him entitled to a place amoung the foremost of
those truest to the cause of human freedom.

Resolved, that crushed, despised,
ill abused as we have been by professed friends
as well as foes nevertheless we feel that
human freedom is a universal heaven given
right intended for all. A right not so
mystical and intricate that we cannot perceive
what are its demands or understand the
philosophy of its operations. For were it
so then it were possible that it might be
felt. There there was some justification in the
God defying act of holding men women and
lisping babies in bonds as at the South a
[crimes?] which a noble Garrision has declared
to be piractial and man stealing.

Resolved, that [Messrs?] Geo T Downing.
John Waugh. John N Smith. David Blue.
and our worthy Chairman Ms Thos
Howland. be a Committee to invite Frederick
Douglass Esq. to the city of Providence to
deliver a lecture and that they be
empowered to make all needed arrangements.

Resolved, that the proceedings of this
meeting be sent to Frederick Douglass'
Paper for publication and that all anti-slavery
papers be requested to copy the same

Thus passed Tuesday evening. When will
you be with [us?]

Geo T Downing.

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