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For Frederick Douglass' Paper.


"Proud that beneath our proudest dome,

And by our humblest cottage hearth,

There is a welcome and a home

For every stricken soul on earth!"

MR. EDITOR:—One writes—"History, like
a tantalogical orator, is frequently found to
repeat itself." Whether the comparing of
History to Nature, the events it records to
her ever-changing yet recurring seasons,—
welcome spring, golden summer and sumptu-
ous autumn succeeding to each winter's
snows and gloomy;—will not a better com-
parison—I stay not to enquire—but would
call attention to the similarity of those
"County Associations," (for the protection of
the respective districts against the maraud-
ing adherent of Charles, and his prince of
plunderers, Rupert,) which heralded the
grand "Cromwelliad" of old England, to the
recently inaugurated RACINE COUNTY

I do this chiefly to introduce the following
suggestive passage from Thomas Carlyle,
which all connected with such societies will
do well to heed:

"The Eastern Association is alone worth
naming. All the other Associations, no man
of emphasis, (or duly forward to risk him-
self,) being in the midst of them, fell in a
few months to pieces; only this of Crom-
well's subsisted, enlarged itself, grew fa-

Honor to the Racine Pioneers, whose
words can neither be "trifling" nor "in-
sane," while backed by deeds! That their
worthy example may be widely followed
throughout the Free States, and that "men
of emphasis" may be nowhere wanting,—
heartily wishes a CROMWELLIAN.

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Lynn Price Robbins