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NEW HAVEN, Ct., August 1854.

It may be interesting, Mr. Editor, to your
numerous readers—all of whom it is supposed
feel a deep interest in the progress of liberty
—in the advancement of right sentiments
and principles in the community—to learn
that Rev. Mr. ROGERS, of Newark, N. J., ac-
cepted an invitation extended to him by the
"New Haven Literary and Debating Socie-
ty," and on the evening of the 10th inst., pro-
nounced before it and a numerous and intel-
ligent audience, a Poem which he has recent-
ly written, entitled "THE REPEAL OF THE
MISSOURI COMPROMISE." All present were
most deeply interested and pleased; and
wished that the burning words of the poet
could be poured into the ears, and flashed
upon the guilty conscience of all the actors
in that foul iniquity. A. G. B.

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Lynn Price Robbins