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For Frederick Douglass' Paper.


BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, Sept. 1, 1854.

MY DEAR DOUGLASS:—It has been long
since I have written to you. I have not
been in the attitude for it, nor am I now,
and yet, further delay seems unnecessary.

To begin, then; somewhere about the
middle of August, I turned my face from
toil and care, and sought for refuge and re-
creation at some point distant from Gotham.
I found all I required in the flourishing
little town of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Oth-
ers may talk of Newport and Saratoga, of
Cape May and Nahant, of Sulpher Springs
and Monadnoc, (these are for white aristo-
crats and black servants;) but the Duncan
House, Bridgeport built, owned and kept by
A. Duncan, the place where I rested from my
labors, is yet to eclipse all these. This new
and excellent hotel is located in the best spot
in the town, overlooking the bay, the city,
and the adjacent country. No other hotel in
Bridgeport is thus so finely situated; and as
a place of resort and unalloyed pleasure, it
offers advantages to the people of color be-
yond any other yet extant.

Bridgeport gathers up in her grasp vari-
ous railroads and other communications, and
thus permits any access to her bosom; --
hence, gentlemen may bring their families
up here and return to their business; and if
residing no further than the vicinity of
Gotham, may glide to and fro without diffi-
culty, and enjoy at the same time a few hours
of unrivalled atmosphere -- a sea bath, and the
society of their families and friends. I found
many of the best families of New York and
suburbs, staying, boarding, living here in the
very elegance of enjoyment.

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