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Slavery thruth spread before the people, at prices which the people can afford: the Leotars Committee troubled with tho itchy palm, seems bent on making money out of the so-called Course of Anti-Slavery Loctares in the city: the spread of truth being quite a secondary letter: last year, ladies preffered single tickets for the course for one dollar: this year only double tickets can be procurred at three dollars: and, it is laid down as a voilation of anti-slavery to cut a ticket in two and admit a thiraty bat poor soul to feed on the crumbs falling from the table of tho A. S. host.
My mother, dear lady, tells a story which happened in her home . Charleston, S. C.-- A Guinea-man who had risen from slavery to freedom, and the ownership of a horse and had his horse ran away one day: away followed the thu Guinea-man, shouting through the kreoia, "|Toppy dat horse! toppy dat horse! White man stop him I gib him TEN dollar! Black man top him I gib him FIVE dollar! toppy dat horse! toppy dat horse!" It is whispered hereabouts, that Oliver regards this as sound Anti-Slavery doctrine--gives his white lecturers in proportion ten, and his block (lecturer per winter) five dollars for stopping "dat horse." Brother Remond can correct me if I am wrong.
Yours effectionaely. COMMUNIPAW.

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