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F.D.P. 30 March, 1855 p.1 c.3


Through your valuable paper I wish to
make a suggestion to the friends of the fu-
gitives in Canada. Many of us would be
more willng to contribute to their aid, if
their was some systematic mode of applying
such aid.

Now to secure this, let us form sewing so-
cieties in every place where one can be sus-
tained, composed of both males and females,
to meet monthly, or oftener, to labor and
contribute to a fund for this object. Then
let enough of those societies unite and hire
a teacher, who shall establish a school among
the fugitives, and set as our Agent in the
disposition of the articles made or otherwise
obtained. We have a society in this place
of the above character, and it has in the
short time it has been in operation, (10
months,) sent nearly fifty dollars to Canada,
and have now on hand nearly fifty more in
money and articles of clothing.

What think the friends of this proposition?
Who will co-operate with our society for this
object? If any, please address the subscrib-
er, stating the probable amount you can
raise, and you shall each be informed of the
result. Truly yours,

J.B. Lang

HUNTINGTON, O, March 6, 1855
-Syracuse Wesleyan.

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