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SAN FRANCISCO, May 30, 1854.

suant to notice, a public meeting of the col-
ored citizens of San Francisco, was held on
Wednesday evening, May 24th—and by ad-
journment on Monday evening, May 29th—
in the "St. Ciprian Church," to consider the
claims of your valuable paper, and to adopt
measures to extend its circulation in "Cali-

The meeting was called to order by Henry
M. Collins, on whose motion A. H. Frances
was elected Chairman. On taking the
Chair, he addressed the audience, and said:
"Though not fully informed as to the de-
signs of the meeting, it was his pleasure to
serve the people at all times." The meeting
was further organized by the appointment of
Wm. H. Newby and S. Howard as Secre-
taries. Messrs. H. M. Collins, J. B. Sander-
son, and F. Smithey, were appointed a Com-
mittee to prepare business for the meeting,
The Committee having retired, the Chairman
said, "The audience would be pleased to
listen to remarks relating to the object of
the meeting, from any gentleman."

Rev. Thomas M. Ward being called on, re-
sponded in an eloquent speech. He spoke
of the able manner in which the Frederick
Douglass' Paper
had always been conducted;
the high estimation in which it is held; its
influence at home and abroad; and, finally,
its claims upon the colored man, whose or-
gan and advocate it is. The Business Com-
mittee now came in and reported the follow-
ing resolutions:

1st. Resolved, That we regard F. Doug-
lass as one of the ablest and most faithful
advocates of the rights of our people; that
we approve of his course, and appreciate his
labors with voice and pen in our behalf; that
we esteem it our privilege, as well as our du-
ty, to sustain him, and we will do all we can
to extend the circulation of his paper in Cal-

2nd. Resolved, That we do, on this occa-
sion, though late, express our entire approval
of the action of the National Convention of
colored people, held in Rochester, State of
New York, July the 6th, 7th and 8th, 1853;
and in the formation of a National Council
of colored people, with its various commit-
tees and their several plans, [vz:] on Manual
Labor Schools, on an Industrial College, on
Business Relations, on Publications, &c., &c.

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