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The adjourned meeting of citizens was
held on Monday evening, May 29th. A.H.
Frances in the Chair. The meeting was
opened with prayer by Rev. J. Moore. The
Secretary then read the minutes of the pre-
vious meeting.

The first business in order, was the subject
of the disposition of the 3d resolution,
considering that the primary object aimed
at in holding these meetings, was to make
some demonstration in behalf of F. Doug-
lass and his paper. Resolution 3d was laid
upon the table. It was then voted to ap-
point a Committee, to solicit subscriptions
and donations in the meeting for the Doug-
lass Paper. Messrs. Yates, H.M. Collins,
and Sanderson were appointed. The Com-
mittee reported a list of 28 names, and a
donation of $1,80cts. Henry M. Collins was
appointed an agent to collect and forward
subscriptions for the paper. The everlasting
3d resolution was again called from the ta-
ble. Mr. Yates addressed the meeting
against its adoption. He thought it out of
place in a meeting of this character, and un-
called for under the [circumstances?]. He be-
lieved the [movers?] of the Emigration Con-
[vention?] were true friends and faithful labor-
ers - self-sacrificing for the good of our peo-
ple, and conscientious in their effors. As
the resolution intimated a doubt of their
honesty, he was opposed to its passage.
Several gentlemen here attempted to reply
in the midst of a general call for the ques-
tion! question! As it was late, it was re-
solved to lay the matter on the table for fu-
ture consideration. Mr. John Oliver then
offered the following:

Resolved, That having come together to
express our sympathy for F. Douglass and
his paper, we avail ourselves of this occa-
sion to declare our love for, and confidence
in Wm. Lloyd Garrison, the long-tried [friend?]
and advocate of equal rights, is unabated;
and we will not hesitate at all, in open times,
and on all proper occasions, to acknowledge
our sympathy with him, and we pledge our-
selves to labor to promote the circulation of
the old Liberator in California.

Mr. Oliver said he thought this a fitting
opportunity to express sentiments in regard
to Mr. Garrison, whose devotion to the cause
of liberty entitles him to our everlasting love
and gratitude. It was with these feelings
(in which he thought all participated) that

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