Charles R. Douglass to Frederick Douglass, June 25, 1868





WAR DEPARTMENT, Bureau Refugees, freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, OFFICE GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT SCHOOLS.

Washington, D.C., June 25th 1868

Dear Father:

I am more than grateful for your kind offer. Five hundred will put me in possession of the two lots, added to what I have, and will also enable me to put a good substantial fence around them. You did not say on what terms you would advance the above amount. I mean how long do you give me to pay it. I will make the note out for two years & if you think that too long I can change it to suit.

If I had the whole amount I could purchase the two lots and build me a comfortable little house besides, and then my house rent would go a great way in helping me to pay you sooner, but as

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it is, I don't [wish for?] things before [illegible Lease?] and your [Bill?] and therefore I say two years. I intend to put these lots in cabbage this summer as it is too late for anything else. Cabbages sold for 20[cents] a head last winter in this city. Miss Assing treated us to a visit to Mt. Vernon yesterday, & we had a very nice time. We also went to the Capitol last night & I devoted my time in pointing out the different members to Miss Assing.

I have just received a line from Lew, he is at work on the Zions Standard.

Libbie joins with me in love to you & all

Aff. Yr. Son

Charles R. Douglass

This note will require a five cent revenue stamp if the terms are agreed to.

C. R. D.

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