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Cork, Ireland, provided us with unique interpretations of Douglass's time in
the British Isles. Exchanges with Robert Levine of University of Maryland
and David Blight of Yale University have stimulated our thought and work.
Indiana University undergraduate Aaron Fogle spent the summer of 2009
conducting research and writing annotations for the present volume. We
thank him for his meticulous attention to detail and his accuracy. Lou Ann
Crisler provided essential contributions to the final tandem collations of the
text. Jessica Peters of Florida State University provided a similar contribution,
and, in addition, lent the present volume her technical expertise in the
form of the digital reproductions of the original illustrations that appeared
in Life and Times.

The Douglass Papers is fortunate to share space and resources with an
extraordinarily generous and accomplished community of scholars and
staff. This critical edition is one of four residing at the Institute for American
Thought of Indiana University's School of Liberal Arts. Our colleagues
from the Peirce Edition Project, the Santayana Edition, and the Ray Bradbury
Edition have contributed in many ways to this volume, recounting their
own comparable experiences, suggesting innovations, and sharing their
wisdom with great good spirit and humor. For their help and exemplary
collegiality, we wish to thank David Pfeifer, Nathan Houser. Andre De Tienne,
Cornelis de Waal, Diana Reynolds, Joseph Kaposta, Ali Zimmerman, Marianne
Wokeck, Kristine Frost, Martin Coleman, Johanna Resler, David
Spiech, Bryan Roesler, Martha Rujuwa, and Kara Peterson. Professor
Jonathan R. Eller, Senior Textual Editor for the Institute, provided help with such
consistency that one sentence cannot discharge the project's debt to him; his
patience and encyclopedic knowledge have proven invaluable.

The Douglass Papers wishes to thank the members of the faculty Millenium
Black Studies Seminar (2009-2010) at the Indiana University
School of Liberal Arts for providing input on an early draft of the volume
introduction; the project is grateful for insightful comments from Johnny
Goldfinger, Susan Hyatt, Ronda C. Henry, Missy Kubitschek, Thomas F.
Marvin, Modupe Labode, and Nancy Robertson.

The editors at Yale University Press have shepherded Douglass Papers
volumes through the production process with great care and skill. Special
thanks are due to Vadim Staklo, our series editor, and to Margaret Otzel.
senior production editor, for their guidance.

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