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ACAB Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography
AHR American Historical Review
ANB American National Biography
ASB Anti-Slavery Bugle
BDUSC Biographic Directory of the United States Congress
CH Church History
ChR Christian Recorder
CtHnf Nook Farm Research Library
CtY Yale University
CWH Civil War History
DAB Dictionary of American Biography
DANB Dictionary of American Negro Biography
DHU-MS Moorland-Spingarn Library, Howard University
DLC Library of Congress
DM Douglass' Monthly
DNB Dictionary of National Biography
EAAH Encyclopedia of African American History, 1619-1895
FD Frederick Douglass
FDP Frederick Douglass' Paper
JAH Journal of American History
JISHS Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society
JNH Journal of Negro History
JSH Journal of Southern History
Lib Liberator
LNArc Amistad Research Center, Louisiana State University
MB Boston Public Library
MdAA Hall of Records Commission, Annapolis, Md.
MdHi Maryland Historical Society
MdHM Maryland Historical Magazine
MdTCH Talbot County, Maryland, Courthouse
MeB Bowdoin College Library
MHiS Massachusetts Historical Society
MPlyS Sturgis Library, Barnstable, Massachusetts
MVHR Mississippi Valley Historical Review
NAR North American Review
NASS National Anti-Slavery Standard
NAW Notable American Women
NCAB National Cyclopaedia of American Biography


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