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[15 March 1780]


My Man's leaving me put
me to very great Inconvenience, as I could
not for any Price hire a Man, and
obliged to travel to this county without
any assistance with my Baggage: I am
still under the same difficulty not being
able to hire a Man here; but have a very
faithful Negro Fellow wch I shall be obliged
to carry out with me. No Person can
conceive the distress the People in this
country are in for want of Grain,
without seeing it; not one Half of
them have any; nor can the Rest assist
them, nor have any of them except
a very few, any Thing for their Stock. The
accounts from Kentuckey are very
Dreadful, there being no Bread to be got,
& the Hardness of the winter has reduced
the Buffaloe's so much that they are
very indifferent Food... I set out this
day from hence and expect to get ou[illegible]

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