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The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent making
part of the same containing a Description in the Words of the said Nathaniel
Foster himself of his Hemp & Flax spinning Machine.

The Bench on which the big wheel stands must be 12 feet long for a six
feet wheel and 2 feet wide: hang the big wheel on uprights to extend from the floor so far above
the top of the wheel so as to admit a cross piece to be framed in above. The top of the bench to
stand two feet from the floor. The wheel must be turned to a truth, and bring on a steel or Iron axle-
tree: frame the bench of timber (hewed?) 8 by 9 inches, as the width of the small benches are 9 inches I
think the best way would be to frame the big wheel with two rims of 2 inch plank, with cross pieces
to strengthen the wheel. Hang the wheel so that their centers or axes may all be on a level with
each other ; the standards on posts on which the small wheels are hung must be braced or stayed
so as to keep them sliding. The [pieces?] of (made?) of wood [?] be plated with thin plates
of Iron, and large enough to admit of spools 8 1/2 inches long other wise in proportion of a
womans' spinning wheel, only to take up something faster: the wieghts must be sufficient
to keep the small wheel up to their work, and no more. The lever to part the wheels to and
from their work must stand out about 9 inches so as to be convenient to work with the knees.
The cushions on the small wheels, where they come in contact with the big wheel, must be of
thick but soft leather wide enough to double over a piece of thick cloth, and closed
with a nice seam to make the wheels run smooth, and easy; there must be a tap or nut on
the tap of the screws that holds the rowlers to the benches of the small wheels.

N. Foster

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