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it to myself at times; but I know better know! but even so, the Constitution gives Uncle Tom his birthright and the Atlantic Charter reaffirms his right to freedom.

But when I don the khaki of Uncle Sam's army, the act of dressing up as a SOLDIER OF FREEDOM will give me an adequate dose of dignity. In the unifrom of a United States soldier I shall refuse to accept the humiliation formerly heaped upon me by Hitler's henchmen in America. I shall come to realize the hull meaning of Patrick Henry's statement, "give my liberty or give me death." I shall be able to think of no better words to use if and when I am sent to a southern army camp, where seldom a week passes that does not see some Negro Soldiers of Freedom killed because they had the courage to stand up and say that human freedom in Germany is the same as human freedom in Georgia. After I take the oath and swear to defend the Constitution against all enemies, I will consider it my duty to defend it against the cruel advocates of the master race doctrine at home. In the khaki of the army I shall remember and appreciate your famous words that "we are not fighting this war for men to live together as master and slaves . . . We are fighting for the spirit of brotherhood." I shall repeat those lines to everyone who tries to impose the master race doctrine upon me. I shall stand on my two feet and say as did Patrick Henry, give me liberty at home or give me death at home. Don't take me to Deutchland to die; I prefer to die for freedom in Dixie.

I am not inviting death, because I have only begun to live. But there are thousands of Negro soldiers like me, who, knowing perhaps they must give up their lives for the cause of freedom have decided to make this greatest gift - this supreme act of charity - begin at home.

In other words, Mr. President, when I shall have been inducted into the armed aervices of this country I shall more persistently, more vigoursly and more definitely attack the foes of human liberty in the United States. I shall consider it my duty to do this at the risk of life and limb. I shall denounce with all me might the double standerd of "de-mock-racy" and I will correctly define democracy. I will read to them the Declaration of Independence and its equality clause. I will recite the Constiution and not leave out the thirteenth, forteenth and the fifteenth amendments. I will call their attention to your discussion of the four freedoms and tell them I am under oath to defend all of these. I will do all of this and more and when they advise me to be patient as they did when they thought I was Uncle Tom, I'll reply - patience, hell - this is war!

There is no other course left open to me, yet I know I will not prevail upon them to change. Even though I speak the turth my voice is too small to be heard. These American mongers of the master race doctrine will quickly and deftly silence me. They think that by killing me and all like me who speak out for full human freedom at home, they will have solved their problem. They will fall just as surely as Hitler has failed to do this identical thing in Europe. You know and I know that the ideal of human freedom cannot be squelched by killing the man in whose breast it is borne. But because my words will fall on the ears of true fascists I know they have already decided to "give me death" as they have given to many of my buddies before me

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