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County: Dade

Year: 1874

Names Males Parts of Section Section Township Range Number of Acres Number Acres Improved Valuation (except Town or City Lots) Valuation of Town or City Lots Horses Mules and Asses Cattle Sheep and Goats Swine or Hogs Full Cash Value of Animals Value of All Personal Property Aggregate Value of all Personal Property Aggregate Value of all Real Estate and Personal Property (add columns 6,7 and 15) State Tax Proper General Sinking Fund Special Sinking Fund General School Tax Auction Tax Balance of Tax of 1871 Total Taxes for State Purposes County Tax Proper County School For Court House Total Taxes for County Purposes

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L Martin

The right side of the image is the first page/cover page, and the only writing is "Dade 1874" in the center of the page