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Name White Males Slaves Land, First Rate Land, Second Rate Land, Third Rate Town Lots Wharfs Merchants Commission Merchants and Factors Money Lent at Interest Shares of Stock Bank Agencies Insurance Companies Agencies of Foreign Insurance Companies Practicing Lawyers Practicing Doctors Gold Watches Silver Watches Pleasure Carriages, etc. Public Weighers of Cotton Public Inspectors Pilots Tavern, or Inn-Keepers Saw Mills Cattle of Residents Cattle of Non-Residents Free Men of Color Dollars and Cents
Shehee, T.L.
Shehee, S.B.
Shephard, John S.
Smith, Burton R.
Stroman, S.D.
Saunders, J.W.
Stromam, Jacob
Seigler, Henry
Stroman, J.R.
Shuler, John
Simpson, William
Strickland, Asa
Saunders, William
Sweitzer, Daniel
Smithwick, Luke
Shine, Richard Alexander, Sr.
Scott, Robert R.
Smith, William J.
Saunders, Hinton
Simpson, Lewis
Speight, William
Saunders, Lewis M.
Saunders (Estate) (Saunders, Lewis M. )
Sills, Solomon
Willford, John (Estate) (Sills, Solomon)
Spier, Seth O.
Sanchez, V.
Skrine, V.V.
Shea, Christina
Sheffer and Shea
Sheffer, David
Laxon, Henry
Oliver (Estate) (Saxon, Henry (Administrator))
Stroman, William L.
Johnson, Angus (Estate) (Stroman, William L. (Administrator))
Sharpless, T.J.
Saunders, Ephraim
Havis, Charles (heirs of) (Saunders, Ephraim (Trustees))

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