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Header (Warden, prison name, prison number, location, quota): 1751 Arcadia

Line through entry Prisoner's Number Prisoner's Name Received from: FSP (Date) Received from: Prison Number (Number and Date) Received from: County (County and Date) Transferred to: FSP (Date) Transferred to: Prison Number (Number and Date) Transferred to: County (County and Date) Discharged by: Escape Discharged by: Parole Discharged by: Expira Discharged by: Death Transcriber's Note
false 003601 Wiggins, Willie Lee 9-18-61
false 003721 Hall, Lomax 10-16-61
false 003674 Wright, Bobby 10-16-61
false 000340 Goodwin, Walter 3757- 10-25-61
false 000624 Harden, Johnny 3759- 11-8-61
false 002273 Jackson, Lester 3753- 1-15-62
false 004267 Hughes, Evans James 2-5-62
false 000922 Williams, Herman 2-5-62
false 60148 Walker, Andrew Lee 3-19-62
false 005249 Turner, Gus Edwards 3-19-62
false A-004181 Lamar, James Jr. 3-12-62
false C-005137 Ludlow, James 3-12-62
false 003147 Wynn, John Lee 3-18-62
false 003338 Edwards, Robert Lee 3-18-62
false 66441 Russell, Odell 3-18-62

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