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By first weeke ended the of

Venit. Expence. Valet. Remanet.
Beere of - viiis the bar. - vi ba: i bar viiis v bar:
Beere of - vis the bar. - xii ba: iii bar: dim: xxis viii bar: dim:
ffyne Wheate meale - v. bz.
Course Wheate meale - iiii bz.
Manchetts of - v pces - lx ca: lxxii ca: viiis nll:
ffyne Cheate of - iii pces. xv ca xiiii ca: iiis id ob i ca:
yeomens breade of ii bz. xl ca: xlvi ca: xs vid iii.
fflower to the Pastrie - i bz. iii pcs iiis iiiid i pc:
Lights rec: to the Pantrie xll. xvll vs viid ob. vll:
Somm of Wheate 2. 19. 5. 0.
Meale Deliuered } v bz.
Hengraue Prouisions.
Butter - ii ffirkins xxll vis viiid. i ffirk: dim: viiill.
Cheese. - vi. i iis vid v.
Lings - nll: nll nll: iiii.
Haberdynes. - nll: iii xxid vi.
Bacon fflitches - nll: nll nll i dim: fflitche
Egs - CClxv.ma: Cma: iis vid Clxv.
Otemeale. - nll: dim: pc. viid i pc dim:
0. 14. 0. 0.
Prouisions bought.
Biefe - xxx Sto: iiill: peeces. 17. xxvi Sto: xlviiis xd iiiiSto: iiill.
Muttons - ii & - iiii Ioynts. i & vi Ioynts xxs iiiid viii Ioynts.
Veale a fore quarter & Legg. v Ioyntes viis vid nll.
Lambe - i. & iiii Ioynts i & ii Ioynts viis viiid ii Ioynts.
Neats Tongues - vii. ii iis viiid v. baked.
Neates feete - iiii. nll nll iiii.
Calves feete & heade - iiii. Spent xviiid nll.
Suett - xviiill. iiiill. xxd xiiiill.
Marrowe bones - vi. Spent vid nll.
Hartie choakes - xxvi Spent xviis nll:
Rabetts - ix coo: Spent xvis nll.
Peaze - i bz. Spent iis nll:
Cherries - vll. Spent viis vid nll:
Strawberries - ii potles dim: Spent vs viiid. nll:
Pipin pyes - ii. Spent iis nll:
Oringeadoe pyes - i. Spent xs nll:
Herbes and Rootes - . Spent vs id nll:
Sweete meates - . Spent xxs vid nll:
Wyne of all sortes - . Spent xs nll:
ffresh fishe of dyuers sortes - Spent xvis vid nll:
ffreshe Samon - dim: of - i. dim: of i xiis xd nll:
Milke - iii galons & a quarte Spent iis ixd nll:
10. 17. 6. 0.
Quayles - x. x xs nll:
Young Turkies - ii. i iis i.
Pigeons - xii. xii xs nll:
Young Herns - ii. ii xis viiid nll:
Young Geese - i. iis vid iis vid nll:
Young Ducks - vi. Spent iiis viiid nll:
Capons - x. vi xvs iiii.
Chickins - xxvi. xs xiis vid xi.
3. 2. 4. 0.
Som of this Weekes expence
having extraordinarie meales by
Straungers about Cxl } xviill. xiiis. iiid./

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