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Charles R

Whereas John Poulter Master Cooke of Our
Ship the Mountague, (which is laid up at Chatham)
and John Baker Master Cooke of Our Ship the Yorke
(which is layd up at Portsmouth) haue made their
humble Request unto Us, that in regard of their
present Habitations (the former liveing at Portsmouth,
and the other at Chatham) they may be admitted to
exchange their Employments, dureing the tyme Our
said Ships shall continue in Harbour; whereunto Wee
haue thought fitt to consent. Our will and pleasure
is, That you forthwith giue Order for the said Exchange
accordingly. And for soe doeing this shalbe your Warrant.
Given at Our Court at Whitehall this sfixfth day of
May 1674.

To the Principall Officers & Commissioners
of Our Navy.

By his Mats: Command


warrt: the [ij]th.

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The last line could read "Warrant the ijth" or "Warrant the 7th".