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To Our trusty and welbeloved
the Bailiffe and Jurats of Our
Island of Guernsey.

registred the 25th April 1688.


25 [?]

ordre du Roy Jacques 2me
concernant le banduement de
Gulli soldat

Misc MS 386

James II

James R

Trusty and welbeloved We greet you well.
Whereas We are informed, that you have lately
condemned one Lawrence Gully a Souldier in Captain
Edward Scott's Company to be whipt and banished out
of that Our Island; We haue thought fit to signify to
you by these Presents, that We do disapproue of your
proceedings herein; and that Our Will and Pleasure is,
that you forthwith revoke the said Sentence of banish=
ment, (which we are pleased to remit) and discharge
and set at liberty the said Laurence Gully. And
whereas We are also further given to understand, that
John Turner, Francis Loden, and John Shaddock three
Souldiers of the said Company are now in prison upon
an accusation of hauing killed one John Carrick,
Our pleasure is, that you forbeare all proceedings
against the said Souldiers till the arrivall into Our
said Island of Our trusty and welbeloved Colonell
Legg Lieutenant Governor of the same, whom We
haue directed to examine and giue Us an account
of that matter, that We may giue such directions
as We shall think requisite for the preventing all
disputes that may for the future arise between Our
Officers and Souldiers and you. And for so doing
this shall be your Warrant. And so We bid you
Farewell. Given at Our Court at Whitehall the
12th day of Aprill 1688 in the fourth yeare of Our

By his Majtys command.

Sunderland. L.

Bailiffe and Jurats of Guernsey.

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