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29no Martij 1654

Mr. Hen: Zinzau alias

Maij 25[? 165]4

Mr. Zinzau. alias
Alexander 50£i / -
iijtio. Janij 1654 - 20£i.

In pursuance of an Order of his Highnesse the Lord Protector
and the Councell, bearing date the 8th of this instant March.
These are to will and require You, out of the publique Revenue
which now is, or hereafter shall come to your hands, to pay unto
Mr Henry Zinzau alias Alexander, the Summe of One hundred
and fiftie pounds, being in full of all Demands whatsoever
from the State. Of which you are not to fayle and for which
this shall be your sufficient warrant. Given at Whitehall this
29th day of March 1654

He: [Lawrence] Presidt

[F Rous E Montagu. P Lisle ]

[An: Ashley Cooper] J Lambert [T S?]

[H ?]

To Thomas Fauconberg Esqr
Recea[v]er Generall of the -
publique Revenue

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