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17 . 7br . 1647

O d

for takeing out 4 Guns
out of the Nonsuch
frigott to bring [?]
her to 32 peice of

Gunns to be taken off
the Nonesuch


Misc MS 422



By the Comtee of Lords and Comms for the Admiralty and Cinque Portes

Whereas this Comtee is informed by Capt. Tweedy out of the Com~ of the
Nauie that upon Conference had by him wth Capt. Willoughby Capt. of
the Nonesuch frigat, it appeared to him, that the said Frigat hath
thirty six peeces of Ordinance abord her whereas thirty two wilbe
sufficient By meanes whereof an unnecessary Charge is drawne
upon the State & the vessell made less serviceable These are
therefore to pray & require you to Cause four such of her peeces
as the Com~ of the Nauy shall thinke fitt to be taken out of
the said Frigat & recd into the Stores under your Charge For
wch this shalbe your sufficient warrant [Passed] at [Westm~]
this 17th day of September 1647

J.Evelyn [H ?] Hen: Mildmay:

Henry Marten

Tho Rainborowe

To our loving freinds the
Officers of the Ordnance at the Tower

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