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Humbly sheweth wheras your petisiner hauing been a seruant
tho unworthy unto this honored Court and Common welthe and
their being at his entry orders Drawen about his wages the
first yeare he was to haue tenn pounde and his Fees butt
it did appeare not suffecient wherupon this honored Court
did see ground they gaue him twentye pounde butt after-
warde upon a motion made by som to the Court in Regarde
of the Countrys pouertye at the Courts Request your petisiner
being willing to suffer wth the country at the Courts Re-
quest aba[it]ed tenn pounde wch haue been very preiediciall
to him in Regard of his family. the Country being senc that
tyme deuided Into seuerall shyrs and likwiss euery Constable to
serue attachmentte all wch haue taken away what were by order
Dewe to your petisiner and being very fewe executions he
hath not had much aboue tenn pounde thesse dyuers years wch
is a small stipen to cary on the affayrs of his family so as he
is a greatt sufferer hearin So humbly desiring that this honored
Courtt would take it into Consideration and afford him som com-
petentt means So as he may be a delygentt seruentt to this honord
Courtt and Country and a comfort to his familye wch dothe
Requir mor then formerly the Lord haueing giuen him [ma-
if it be examined I think it will appear your petisiner
haue least wages of any, considering his expenc of tym and
dirty Imploymentt And also he desireth that he may haue som
[particulare] Laws and orders to walke by in the plac you call him
to so as he may not offende as neare as he can and your
petisiner shall be and now is alway Ready to do his utt-
most in any servic he is able to this honored Court and
Country to his best Indeuers so as he may butt find In[cu]r-
agmentt that way So Leauing you and all your waightye
affayrs to the wisse ordering and Issuing of the almighty
He euer prays and So Rests

Youre unworthy seruantt
Edwarde Mitchellso[nn]

Your petisiner did petisson the Last
Generall Courtt butt had no Answer
wch was the causs of putting him
on it againe to pettision at this

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