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any reserve, but onely of the use and Profit
thereof during her Life, as assignée of the sayd
Prince. Being willing that he be & remaine
vested in the possession thereof, & substituting
thereto his Issue lawfully begotten, without that he
may either sell, alienate or Mortgage the same
which for want of such Issue shall Revert to the
sd Dsse without being Lyable to any Debts or

Reserving also to herselfe, the power of
disposing in her Life or by will of the
summe of 300m Livers to be chargd upon the sd Estate.
as also the power of settling, either in her Life
time or by Will the Possession of the Houses, profits
& Revenues of the sd Lands & Lordships of Queroalle
& Mesnoallet upon her father & mother, and to the
Survivor of them, during Life (Vesting them
in the full possession thereof by these presents) which
after the death of the sd Survivour shall Revert to the
sd Duke & be Re-united to the premisses

Provided that if the sd D, dye without issue
Lawfully begotten, the sd Ldshipps of Queroalle &
Mesnoallet shall as of Right belong to the Seigneur
de [Quilimade] & his descendants lawfully begotten,
he bearing her Name & Arms &ca Reserving
to herselfe, her Father and Mother as abovesaid &c
And that this Donation is made in Consideration of her
affection to her said Son &ca

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