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3. That it wants a Clause, declaring, that the donatrix
shall not be able hereafter to Revoke or Annulle it
for any Cause or upon any pretext whatsoever;

For as such a Clause is usuall in Contracts of
Donations inter vivos; so the Civil Lawe
mentions seuerall species of ingratitude which may
reasonably and justly move a parent to revoke
the Donation he had made in favour of his child,
and sometimes the behaviour of a father or mother
may prove to be such, as are designd to provoke the
child to some Irregularity, that they might seem the
more plausibly to Excuse such Revocation. In
the present case, 'tis not impossible, but that
the Donatary may give Offences to the Donatrix,
as well as to her husband, in case she should
marry & haue Children; and no doubt, but euery litle
disgust would be improved to the uttmost disadvantage
of the Donatary.

4. That there being diverse Seigneuries disposed of in the
donation, it may haue a Clause declaring, that the
Licence, Consent & Concurrence of the King and Soveraigne
of the Country, was obtained

For as Mobilia concernunt Personam, soe
immobilia Territorium; And the particular
Customes of some Provinces & Territories in france
do not onely over=rule the Law, which otherwise
obtaines over that Kingdome, but also often
derogate from, & sometimes Contradict the Civil

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