Smith College: Sidney, Algernon, 1622-1683. [Document] 1653 Dec. 21 / Al. Syndey (1653) (MiscMS 654)

Acknowledges and set up terms for payment of 300 pounds owed to Edward Walpoole, of Grayes Inn. The payment is twice a year to Sr. William Killigrew in the sum of 20 pounds yearly. The document is signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of Baj. Johnes and Wm. Killigrew. On the verso there is the annotation by William Killigrew of the receipt of three payments of ten pounds each between Mar. 1654 and Mar. 1655.


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Savoy 29th of March 1614 Reverend John of the Algernon Sydney the sum of ten pounds in which all that is due for the first year ending the 10- 06- 00 said 29th of March I say reveal _ William Killington Savoy Lon:14th of Oct:1654 Reverend John of Colle Algernon Sydney of the summary of the points of the which is all that is due for the kind hath years ending the said 14th of October I say reverend Savoy Lon:the 25th of March 1655 William Killington Reverend then of Collenell Algernon Sydney the surname of ten pounds is all that os due for the third day years - 10-00-00 ending the said 25th of March: I say reverend

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