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R Charli 2di Letter
to S. K. Digby

For Sr Ke~l

Sr Ke~l Digby.

Sinc it would
be of preiudice to my Seruice, to passe graunts
of pensions before the Settlement of my reuenue,
I haue thought fitt in the meane time to
giue you the Satisfaction of this assurance, that
I will be carefull to make good unto you the
pension of two thousand pounds a yeare
upon the post Office from the time that
I promised it you, And that it shall be
particularly reserued for you out of any
graunt whatsoever I shall make of the
reuenue of the sayd Office. You may
rely on this promise of,

Your assured friende

Charles R

Whithall 18 August

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