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Notes on the lectures of Dr. John Syng Dorsey professor of
materia medica in the university of penn.

Vol. II Nov. 7th 1817. 2nd Lecture.

In commencing my lectures on the mat. med. Gentleman,
I need not inform you, that the chair has heretofore
been filled by men of the most distinguished talents.
In teaching the branch to which I have been appointed,
I shall make every exertion to be useful to you; I am
well apprised that all that a teacher can do, is to
judiciously conduct you to a knowledge of the elements.
The mat. med. has for its objects an acquaintance
with every thing that preserves and supports life.
Of these, it is highly necessary that the student should
be informed. I propose to pursue the plan of my
able predecessor, discriminating between what is
useful & superfluous, rejecting the latter and giving you
the former, in order that you may become good practitioners.
We shall commence our lectures with the subject of
animal life. Dr. Johnson defines life to be the union

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