Wellcome Collection: Ayscough, Lady (MS1026)

Receits of phisick and chirurgery. There are a few cookery receipts at the end. Inside the cover is written 'The Lady Ayscough Booke Anno Domini 1692'. The first 93 pp. and the 7 pp. of cookery receipts are by the original hand, the remainder is in another nearly contemporary script.


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The Lady Ayscough Booke Anno Domini 1692

Wellcome Historical Medical Library Accession Number 4668 Press Mark MS.1026


A Table of Receits of Phisick & Chirurgery / Page


For the Scurvey Page the 1.

For the Stone ibid

For the Dropsey and Scurvey 2

A Purge ibid

A powder against wind & pain in the Stomack & Obstructions of the Liver & Splen } ibid

Mathias Lucantella his Balsome 3

To stop bleeding ibid

To cause speedy deliverance 4

The milk water ibid

For the piles being outward ibid

Balsome of Tobacco of Peru ibid

Trithemius his powder 5.

For the Canker ibid

For the Ague ibid

Lucatella Ballsome 6

Emplaster magistralis ibid

For the Stone ibid

For A sore Throat and mouth ibid

A Diet Drink for the Scurvy 7.

To make Gilly ibid

An ointment for Green wounds 8.

For A consumption in the back ibid

For the wormes ibid

To make profumes ibid

Pills for the windy Collick 9.

For A consumption ibid

For spiting of Blood, or sing of blood, or any other issue 10.

To cause one to vomit Flegm ibid

To cure the pin or web in the Eye ibid

For A sore brest ibid

For A pearle or pin or web in the Eye ibid

For A consumption ibid

A pultis to Break a hard swellin 11

A Fermentation ibid

A water for the stone ibid


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For Griping in ye Gutts 11

For ye scurvy ibid

To purge ye head ibid

The Oyle of Charity 12

For A cough ibid

For A consumption ibid

To make Oyle of swallow 13

For A White Scald ibid

To Stay Spitting of blood ibid

For A Scald head ibid

To make the Green Ointment 14

For the canker ibid

A powder for the Green sickness ibid

To stay the tearms ibid

For A cough 15

For the plague ibid

A Drink to cure the Dropsie ibid

For red and watering Eyes ibid

For the runing of the Reins ibid

For a burneing Feaver ibid

An ex^cellent salve for A Burne ibid

For A cut or Green sore ibid

For the Fellon ibid

An Excellent plaister for the Gout 17

For the stone ibid

For A consumption ibid

For lameness palsies cramps or shrinking of the sinewes ibid

Against the blood flux & all other Issues of Blood ibid

A Pultis for A sore brest 18

A Water for the stone ibid

To make the Spirit of clary 19

To bring throwes ibid

For the wormes in A child ibid

A remedy for the Stone 20

For the Stone in the Reins ibid

A Receit for A woman apt to miscarry 21

For the Pleurisy ibid


A Medicine against the Plague 22

An Excellent medicine against the winde which proceed from the mother 23

For A Consumption ibid

A medicine for the Stone 24

For A cough ibid

A cordiall to bring away after birth ibid

To make A drink for the biteing of A mad dog 25

A Broth and Syrrup for A consumption ibid

A Cordiall for woman apt to miscarry 26

A pultis for Saintt Anthony fire ibid

For A Bursting either in young or old 27

So make the Common of Oyle of Saintt Johns wort 28

A receit of Captain Greens ibid

A Rare & excellent salve to heal all burneing 29

Mrs Shaws powder ibid

Captain Greens Red plaster 30

To make black Salve ibid

To make Compound Oyle calld Oleum Hyperici 31

Mr Tassells Cordiall to bring away after birth ibid

Sir Walter Raleigh is great Cordiall 32

An aproved receit for the Piles 33

My Lady Listers bags against after pains ibid

Mr Gilberts water 34

Mrs Shaws Directions 35

To bring Throw's ibid

A Glister for A woman in Child bed ibid

To make spirit of mint 36

To make wormewood water ibid

To make monsieurs water 37

To make spirit of wine ibid

A pleasant Drink in weekness 38


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To make treakle water 38

To make A compound of ambergrease 39

A Tisanny Drink ibid

To preserve Ellicampane ibid

To make sweets for lining 40

Aqua mirabilis ibid

Mr R. Cordiall ibid

To make white mead 41

My Lady Pomander 42

For the black Jaundice ibid

An Antidote against any Infections ibid

To keep the small pox out of the throat ibid

To make Gascon powder ibid

A Rice Cordiall for A flux 44

To make Sirrup of colts foot ibid

A plaster for the Sciatica ibid

Extemporary Hyppocras 45

A Medicine for the yellow Jaundice ibid

Gascon's powder 46

For the smallpox 48

The countiss of Oxons Juice of Liceras 49

The great Palsey water for an Appoplexy 50

Roles for Mr Ayscough 51

Diascordium 52

For soreness 54

A Receit for A consumption ibid

Mrs Lay Allens water 53

To help after pains 54

A medicine to draw or heal any sore 55

An Excellent water for Convultions fitts ibid

For A stroke in the Eyes ibid

To help great after pains ibid

For the Scurvy 56

An Excellent green Oyntment ibid


Mathias Lucantella his Balsome

Take 3 pints of Sallit Oyle 5 or 6 Spoonfulls of Sack & mingle them very well together in A brass pan, Take also A pound of the best venice Turpatine wash the same in Rose water 3 or 4 times then put it into the Sallit Oyl, & Sack, whereunto you must put 1/2 A pound of bee=wax then let all these be boil'd with A Temperate fire for the Space of an hour & 1/2 at the least and let it be gently Stired with A clean Staffe all the time itt boyleth then put into it one Ounce of the Redest Sanders you can gitt and after let it boyl again alltogether untill itt become a perfect oyntment that is for an hour longer att least; this Oyntment will bee fo^r.. many infirmities even presently after it is made, but it will will not come to the full perfection; untill it hath been buried A yard underground in dry Earth for the space of 12 months togather in an Earthen pot well greased both within and without & covered first with Leather then with Lead; it will cure any Scalding or burning it is good for any old or green wound if you melt some of the Balsome and annoint the Greived place first and after dipe some fine Lining cloth in it and let it soe fate as the Anguish doth goe; or dip fine Lint & tent the Sore, it will help any bruse it being often anointed, or if the bruises be inward you must take the quantity of A nutmeg in broth or possit drink first sweat'ned with sugar and look that all the things you make your Balsome with be very good.

to stop or stanch bleeding

Dry some of your blood in A fire shovell to powder & snuff it up the nose; if wound apply it to it; Or take A peice of blew wollen cloth the deeper the blew the better, burn it to powder and snuffe a little up the Nose. Tie up A spider in A Linning cloth & then bruise her A little & hold her near the nosterall that bleadeth but touch not your nose with the Cloth & the bleeding will cease.


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To cause Speedy deliverance

Take Sage and winter Savery, wash them bruise them in A mortar boil them in A pint of white wine giue this to drink with A dram of saffron made into fine powder: about an hour after boil Betony wormewood & parsley leaves & roots in Spring water and drink well of itt.

The milk water

Take Balm, Red Sage Rew and Spear mint. of each A like Quantity shred them very small and put them into your Still & your new milk upon them as much as will Soke them & overflow them A little itt must be distilled of pritty quick as soon as the milk is att them or else the water will be apt to grow sowre.

For the Piles being outward

Take of the rine of Alders (the outward rind Scraped of.) 2 good handfulls, put it into A pottle of fair runing or Spring water, boil it half Away, then put it into A glass & to it put 1/2 an Ounce of [...] and let it there desolve.

Then keep it in the Glass & when need is let the party greived take some of it into A Sawcer, warm it blood warm against the fire but not on the fire dipp A ragg into it and apply it to the place, & as soon as it dryeth (which soon will bee) let anoth be put in the room of it. Do this for A day or 2 & it will cure.

Balsome of tobacco of Peru

Take Oile of Roses oyl of Saint John's wort of each A pint, the Leaves of Tobacco Stampe 2l boyl that together to the consumaton ^ of 1/2 of the joice then Stran it add put it on the fire add unto it Venice Turpentine 2 ounces of Olibanum & mastick each half an Ounce beaten to powder all this you may make into A salve by putting theirto wax & Rosin to make it A Stife body.


Trithemius his powder.

Take Calamus aromaticus Gentian Sileris Montaine willow Carawayes Annaseeds Cuminseeds Amces persley-seeds Spick=nard of each of these half an ounce, red Corall pearles which are not thurst thorow for stringing 5 drams of Each Ginger whitewood night shade or ground pine of the Leaves of Sena, Adust Tartar of Each 5 drams Mace, Cubibs, of each 2 drams Cloves 7 drams. Make A powder of these, & take half A dram in the morneing & att night either in broth or wine for the first month take for the 2 month 1/2 a dram dayly in the mornes not att nights; the 3 week month ^ take hereof thrice A weak in the morne for the 4 month twice A weak & soe let it be continued all thy life long.

For the canker

Take venus Cerus 4 Ounces beaten Small mingle it with water, Gun powder as much add to it with this wash the mouth or placed grieved. / After this Take the Cerus & mingle it with A little milk aply cloath theirin dipped. / Soe doe 3 or 4 times in one day. / Let the party vse scurvy Grass in her drink or water cressis.

For the Ague

Take 2 handfull of Avennes of the rounder leife, put this into A quart of Ale or white wine, boil it half away then Strane it and put it into A glass; Let the grieved take half of it 1/2 an hour before his fitt either in bed or upon his bed, keep warme, doe this for 2 or 3 fitts togather and itt will cure you


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