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To make the Comon Oyle of Stt. John's=wort calle'd Oleum Hyperiei
Take of new & sweet sallit oyle one quart & put
theirto into afair glass as many of ythe yellow
flowers of St John worte (all ythe green taken
away) as will fill up of wine pint infused then
stir ythem together with your knife & set your glass with ythe
oyle & flowers in ythe sun in ythe hottest place you can
find for ythe space of 15 days & once a day let [one]
Stir or shake ythe glass well and when it hath it hath
been [soe sunned] strain ythe said oyle and crush ythe flowers
very hard ythat all ythe strength may be in ythe oyle ythen take
another pint of flowers & doo as before for other 15 days
& when they are expired take one another pint of flowers
ythe third time & let ythem be served as before ythe space
of 40th days ythen strain ythem as before & let ythee Oyle
Soo strained stand untill all ythe grass & [disidence]
be ffallen to ythe bottome and ythat which is above be
cleared, & of A clarret colour ythen put ythe clearest
out so serve for your use.

A Receit of Capt[ain] Greens if it be hummor coldhumor
Take 8 ℥ of red lead & 4 ℥ of white lead & 5 ℥ of castile
soape ythe powder must be beaten very fine & boyle
ythem in a pint of ythe oile of olives, when it is a
turned colour if it come of without sticking to your
fingers, then put into 1/2 an ℥ of barrows grease & A
1/4 of an ℥ of Oyl de Bay and let it boyl A
little after & then it riddy to dipp ythe cloak as before.
In this you may dipp 2 cloaks one after another
& Smooth them as before.

A Fare & Excellent Salve to heal all burning by fire29
Take a pint of ythe Oyl of Olife, & put it into a new
Pipkin ythen gather some Elder springs of a years groth
and of the biggness of a finger & a few leaves of ythe
same with all: raise of ythee upper bark and cast it away
uthen take ythe 2d bark with is all green & full of sap whereof
take of good M [] with ythe leaves put into ythe pipkin with ythe
Oyl ythen take some leaves of ythe plantain & as much
house leek. all which pour into ythe pipkin & put to these A
6th part of very strong vinegar & A little wine and
about two inches of A tallow and so let all those boyl
let all the together at a soft fire about 1/2 an hour stirring
ythem now and then; then strain ythem through a sivving cloath.
& put ythat which is strain'd into ythe pipkin again adding those
= to one ℥ and and 1/2 of yellow wax 12 ℥ of oyle all which being
boil'd together will come to be a green oyntment
which when you will use spread it upon a paper & apply
it to ythe burnt place & refresh it every 24 hours
if ythe burning be old otherwise if itt be newer
and fresh it mitigates ythe pain & healeth imediately
wrape a lining cloath about ythe paper to keep
itt warme:
It is likewise good against ythe swelling of
ythe leggs called [ffoscoile] likewise against
all heats of ythe liver ythe itch

Mrs. Shan Powder
Take myrrh, saffron & bazor of each 6 ʒ make it
into fine powder take this dose att 6 times in A
spoonfull of this possit drink make clear possit
drink of small Ale & white wine boil in itt dittany
of [cerla] drink of this 3 times A day for a fortnight

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