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Plaister for the Ruhme to lay behindthe ears
a -- of Gumdragon 1/2 an Oynae, in a slick and
hibin of oa 3 drams of Ball alminack and
dram & an half myrtle --- spollbium -----
pomgranate flower of ea-- one dram Burgundy
pitch A pound Karana four drams Gunilumly
three drams venice -uspinfino, bruise all the ---
in A mortar, & put them to the --- rest of the
things in Ane--- pipkin and shell them all togather
upon agou--- first and when itt is a little
boild its a in it very hort the hands muse bo oyes
when you squese it, and you must have boar of
riddy oy-ed to make it upon a very --- of
saliva must be kept by it selfe in oyled
to take away the pearle of the eyes
Take a handfull of the fresh ----uds of Hemlock
& a littel rue shred upon woll & put to upon almuc--
English honey al will make it into a soft
paist adding a Little Bollalminack in Lime
powder, then take a pered of sh--- ---- cut
into inches ovall --- it w--- the stafe affor----
then lay it upon the wrists of the contrary
Arm and shift itt twice A day tille
you see the pearle be consumed.
Mrs. Nesbeet
A very good remedy against the falling evillor Convulsions
take one Ounce of dead mous sculls and Ounce of male
Piony roote 3 drams of the powder of corall one ounce
of ---- in a doctolls alitt -- Jett and ounce of
pasifista beat all these in all severally then pour
them togather & mingle itt with piony -eale--&
give to a in 3 spoonfulls att A time to a woman
2 to a child as much as will lay on a great the
---- must be mixt with brest milk. it must
be taken morning & evening 3 dayes togather.
A --- to make a sirrup of malt
abe 3 gallons of ale wort very strong hang
it in a pot over agen the fire that it doe not boil
but simper & put into it one pound of sugar
candy 1/2 a pound of dates 1/2 a pound of rasense
one penny in anni feeds 2 pence in saffron ----
long in doe & some cloves --hred on aelring ditt--v
the pot close & let it simper a day & a night
and 4 in the morning this is very excellent for
A cold.
for the stone
Take one handfull of ground Ivie and one hand
= full of mouse ear & 1/2 an handfull of aeron- before
they be cupt, boil them in a pink of white wine & A
spring water boil it to and pint then shain it then
take 5 or 6 spoonfulls of itt in white wine posset
drink ever morneing & evening as long as it lasts
take this quantity 4 times in the year.

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