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White sugar candye bruised 2 or 3 Nuttmeggs
and some cloves itt will give itt a pleasant
tast, you may distill with your Gelliflowers
Rosemary flowers & Cowslipp flowers this is a
very cordiall water, especially for any distemper
of the heart and Vitall Spiritts

Frecles in the face

Rx a good quantity of Pellitory of Spaine
boiled in a sufficient quantity of strong
vinegar. when itt is boyled enough & cold
againe, wash your face at night with itt
when you goe to bed & in the morneing
wash againe with fare water

Morphen sun burning
Itch Redface

Steep 2 sliced Lemmons being faire and
large, in a pinte of Conduitt water lett
them stand covered 4 or 5 dayes in infusion
Then straine the water & dissolve therein ʒd
of sublimate finely powdered wett a cloath
therein & rubb the face morneing & evening



Rx A pinte of distilled Vinegar, put therein 2
a new layed egges whole whole with their shells
3 yellow dock rootes picked & sliced 2 spoonfuls
of the flower of brimstone & soe let all rest 3 dayes
then use this Liquor with a cloath, rubbing the place
3 or 4 times every day & in 3 or 4 days itt commonly
helpeth. put some Brann in your cloath before
you moisten itt therein binding it up like a ball

Ceatica to help

Rx a penniworth of the strongest Ale you
can gett & boile itt till it be as thick as
birdlime then spread itt on a linnen cloath
and lay itt on the grieved place, as hott as itt
can possibly be indured this you must doe 3 or
4 times together itt hath helped many.

Probat: Mrs: Niller,

Mr. John Hanworth his most
Excellent water for the stone either
in Kidney or bladder

Take 39 of the rootes of sassaphras, of sars-
aporilla ℥iii & sweet fennell seed, ℥iiii of horehound
℥iii of water Cresses mi of parseley seed ℥5 of
centawry ℥iiii of the oyle of tarter ℥j of the oyle
of vitrieall ℥j Bruise the seeds and chipp the

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