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And also with what most use fall's from him into the
pan, when you have rost'd him sufficently you are
to hold under it when you unwind or cut the
tape that ties him, such A dish as you purpose to eat
him out of & let him fall in with the sauce that is
rosted in his belly and by these means the
Pike will be kept unbroken & then to the sauce
which was within and also in the pan, you are to add
A good quantity of the best Butter & to squise the joyce
of 3 or 4 Oringes, lastly you may either put into
the Pike the Oyster 2 cloves, Garlick and take it
whole out when the Pike is out of the spit or to
give the sause A hogoe, set the dish into which
you set the Pike fall to be rubb'd with it the Oringe
or not useing of the Garlick is left to your discretion

manicule To make Scotch collop's of veal

Take A large Leg of veal & pare of al the skin
of the outside & then cut all the meat from the bone
in one peice that is on one side & then the other side
in another peice cut it into thin slices Acrose the
Grane, and it will make it tender, soe lay them upon
a clean table and beat them with the back of A knife
& larde them well with small bacon peices of bacon &
drige them with flower & fry them with sweat butter till
they be browne then take them out into A clean stew
= pan & put to them some good gravie & a little broth
and white wine A little, nutmeg=peper & salt. soe set
them upon A charcoal fire and give them one boyl & shake
them up thick with A peice of butter or the yolk of an Egg
& dish them upon sipits with balls & sawsinges & sliced lemmon
about the dish

To make A calf head hash

Take A large calf head or 2; well washt & take out
the brains and wash them & put them upin A clean
Pote with some time & Pareoslly and let them to boyled
then shred them fry them wth an Egg yolk stow peper
salt, nutmeg well mixt together & chop ym into A fring
pan, wth A spoon. butter then yr Calfe head being more
then half boyled take ym up and cut the one half &
the tongue wth a knife into A stewing pan in little
peices noe bigger than an Oyster then carbonade
the other half and season it wth peper, salt & shred time
and parsaly, but first wash it over wth ye yolks of an
egg set it before ye fire to broyle, then put to your
other some strong broth & white wine & 3 anchovies some
Oysters and pickle & mushroom's cockles mace cloves
2 or 3 whole oynons whole peper a fagot of sweet herbs
some forst meat batter soe let ym stew together 1/2 an
hour then fry some fine thin collops of bacon some
some sawsinges & fri'd parsley & Oysters then dish your
boyled cheek in ye midle of & ye other round about upon
sipits & lay the fried brains Oysters collops of
bacon sawsinges all over ye meat & garnish wth hearbs
& sliced Lemmon

To Make Scotch Collops

Take thin slices of veal beat it wth ye back of a knife
season it wth peper & salt, let it lie A while in boyling
water, take 2 yolks of Eggs well bet some lemon &
Oynons & A very little sweat hearbs shred small
& A sliced nutmeg one Anchovie mix all these together
in some white wine, Frie your meat[then] put put all
these ingredients to it & shake them well in yr pan
soe dish it up, set some thin slices of bacon upon
A dish before ythe fire to broil & lie them over
them over ythe food

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