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A Receit to make Raspe wine

To A gallon 1/2 of Raspes, take A gallon of water let it
stand 6 hour's, then stir it up gently, and let it
stand 6 hour's longer then run it through A hare
sive, pressing it very gently, & put into A vessel with
3 pound of sugar, stop it close as may be the working
secured, and when it is purely refined draw it out
into another vessel & put into as much sugar more
as will make up with first 4 pound To A gallon, and
when it as stood 2 hours after to settel then bottle it
up with A lump of hard sugar in every bottle, this
ha's rather too much sugar.

How to Rost A Pike

Your pike must not be A small one. First open
your Pike at the Giles and if need be cut A little
slit towards his belly out of their take his gutts
and keep his liver which you are to shred very
small with time and sweet marjorem and A little
winter Savary, to these put some pickl'd Oysters
some Anchovies, both these last whole to these you
must add also A pound of sweat butter which you are
to mix with the herbs that are shred & let them be well
salted, if the Pike be more then A yard long then
you may put more into these herbs then A pound
of butter, or if less butter will sufice, these being mixt
with A blade or 2 of mace must be put into the Pikes
belly and his belly sewed up, but take not of his
scales then you are to thurst the spit throw his
mouth out att his tale & then with split sticks or
thin lat's with A convenient quantity of tape or filliting
bind the Lat's round about the Pikes body from his head
to his tale & the tape tied thick to prevent his breaking
or falling of; let him rost'd very leasurly & often bast'd
with Claret Anchovies & butter mixt together

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