Wellcome Collection: Brumwich, Anne (& others) (MS160)


Mrs Anne Brumwich her Booke of Receipts or Medicines ffor severall sores and other Infermities.

With many additions, by several later 17th cent. hands.

The original compiler, Anne Brumwich, writes in an early 17th cent. hand, but some of the additions are much later, one dated 1681 is found on p. 12.

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158 98 Brumwich (Anne) [& others] Booke of Receipts or Medicines [? out] [bookplate] MS. No. 160. Wellcome Historical Medical Library Accession Number 18663 Press Mark [/bookplate]

41 D (3) 18663 Learing I would dsire and knowledg crave If I weare ha[?]te se succered in my grave [?] John R H mis hanna Garthwait Rhoda Fairfax Garthwair Flora Hulsey Orfula Farifax March the 30 1803 Maddam Rhoda ffairfax

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An excillent Soveraighne balsome called the Lady Ropa Ropeues

Take a quarter of a pound of yellow wax cutt into small peices & putt itt into a new earthen pott or pannd then melt itt & putt with itt a pint of Sacke & when itt is quite melted take itt from from the fire then take halfe a pound of venus Terpentine & wash itt in Redd Rose water then take a pinte & a half of Sallettt oyle & powder both the oyle & the Turpentine into the pannd wh[...] the wax is well melted in thesacke then boyle them all togeather on a Soft fire vntill they bee well incorporaled then take from fire & lett itt coole& when it is thoroughly cold sake away the case from thv sacke then melt the cake in the pannd a gaind, & when itt is melted putt in one ounce of the best redd Sanders & soe stirringe continually vntill itt bee cold the sanders must be e beaten & sifted fine

The vertues of this Balsome

{1st} It helpeth the headach by anointing the temples or nostrills by therewith butt better by applyinge a plasster of the same

{2ly} It helpith any burne or scald happeininge by fire or water

{3ly}It will heale any wound either inward or outward Inward with a Serringe or by beinge powred warmd into the wound Outwardly by applyinge fine Linte dipped in the balsome melte[...] then a warmed plasster of the same balsome vppon the soare & it not only taketh away the paine but also helpes to draw forth all broken bones or splints or anythinge ese that might putrify or fester if thebraines or inward parts as the hart gutts or liver if provided no other thinge bee applyed there

{4ly} It healeth any bruise or cutt by dippinge of Linte in this basome melted & a playster of the same Capd these to itt will heale itt without Scarre remaininge.

{5ly} It helpeth the Sciatica or Ach comminge of cold in what joynt so ever itt bee laketh away painefull greife proceedinge of moisture & cold taken in the bones & Sinnews by anointinge the place soe oftended with warmed balsome & a playster of the same layd vppon itt

{6ly} It helpeth a ffistula vlcer or any old soare bee itt never soe deepe in any part of the body being applyed as afore said for a cutt

{7ly} It is present remedy for one that is poysoned beinge presently taken the quantity of an ounce melted & soe drunke

{[...]ly} It helpeth the Runninge of the Reigns beinge rapped in Nutmegg & Sage & taken 3 or 4 pills at a time for certaine dayes together

{[...]ly} It cureth the feaver beinge taken in halfe a pinte of sacke or broth

{[...]ly} It helpeth the wind Collect or Stich in the side by applyinge thereto a good quantity playsterwise 4 mornings togeather

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{12ly} It helpeth the prickinge of a Thorne & draweth out the same or any other prickinge [w?] soduer

{12ly} It helpeth the Stinginge of Adders or any such like venemous beast beinge drunke in warme milke

{13ly} It is good for those that are infested with the plague or merells beinge presently taken the quantity of an ounce 4 mornings together

{14ly} It helpeth the bitinge of a madd dogge beinge applyed as for a cutt

{15ly} It is good for breasts to dissolve or breake or ripen them to dresse the breast twice a day anoint itt & lay a cloth on itt & keepe the cloth to it without changeinge it att all

A precious balsome thatcureth sores old or new. the goute paine in the ioynts or bones the crampe any manner of bruise itt is good against burnes & scabes

Take halfe a pinte of white wine that is old, oyle oline the best a pinte put them together & putt into them St Johns wort, two ounces Cardus benedichis, sagem valetian, Rosemary, Bugell, Prunella, Egremony, Betomes, of each an ounce of each of these you must take the leaues and flowers if itt bee possible shred them very small & let them infuse & steepe in a close potte in your oyle & wine 4 & seuenty houres then boyle them in a well velled pipkin on a soft fire till you thinke the [?ome] bee consumed often stirringe itt with a sticke then take itt of the fire & strayne itt from the Hearbs & putt itt agane into the pipkin & putt there to of veins Turpentine unwasht four ounces stirre itt well sett itt on the fire agane & boyle itt softly a quarter of an houre then putt thereto [Ohbanime?] one ounce myrrehalfe an ounce dragons blood two dramms soe lettitt boyle softly vntill the Ohbanim & the Myrre bee dissolued then straine itt againe & lett itt coole then putt itt vp into a glasse stoppe itt colse & lett itt in the sunne 8 or 10 dayes & soe keepe itt for your vse itt will last in perpection 4 or 5 years Apply itt with Rubbinge or with a feather for the goute or anye payne or bruise for the space of a quarter of an hour on the place greined for sore burne burne or scald putt itt into them or vppon them if itt bee for a cutt or wormes lay a playster vpon them

[Lucattilly?] his precious Balsome

Take oyle of swallowes 3 pound oyle of Lypericon or St Johns worte 2 ounce oyle of Juniper one Ounce oyle Despecke and ounce venice Terpentine washed while one pound, naturall basome one ounce red [Saunders?] 4 ounces yellow wax halfe a pound dissolue the wax in the oyle of swallowes ounce a Soft fire then mix the rest of the oyle in itt after tha t mix the Sanders whilst itt is pretty hott but stirre itt continually lastly take itt from mix the Sanders fire & when itt comes to bee little more then luke warme putt in the Turoentine & stirre still till itt bee thorough cold both to incorporatethe Terpentine the better with the rest & to helpe the Sanders from fallinge all to the bottome

The Virtues

{1st} It healeth any wound either inward or outward beinge squirted in warmed beinge inward & Outward being aplyed with fine lint & itt will cure itt in 4 or 5 dressings

{2ly} It healeth any burninge or scaldinge or any bruise or cutt beinge anointed & applyed warme

{3ly} It taketh away the paine & ach in bones & sinews applyed warme like wise

{4ly} It helpeth the headach anointinge the temples & nostrills therewith

{5ly} It is good against the wind Collect or stich in the side takeingen dry morninge a quarter of an ounce thesreoff & anointinge it warmefor 4 mornings

{6ly} It is good against poyson & helpeth a [surfett?] takinge the quantity of an ounce thereoff in a little sacke warme & helpeth the bitings of mad dogs or any other beaste

{7ly} It is good again [st?] the plague anointinge the lips & nostrills therewith before the party goes abroad

{8ly} It healeth a fistula or [vl?er] bee itt [neuer?]so deepe in any part beinge applyed as afore said to the butt

{9ly} It is very good for one infected with the plague [??ezells] & the like soe itt bee presently taken in warme broth the quantity of a quarter of an ounce 4 mornings together & sweate vppon itt

{10ly} It allso keepeth one from vermin

{11ly} It allso helpeth digesture anointinge the nable & stomach therewith when the party goes to bed

{12ly} It will stanch any blood presently of agreeve wound puttinge a playster of linte vppon itt & itt very hard the said oyle or balsome may bee kept 20 years & never loose its vesful butt bee much the better

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A Soveraigne Balsome which will cure any greene wound presently

Take of oyle ohue 3 pints of cleare well water one pinte of veins Turpentine one pound of virgin wax half a ground Lypericon or St Johns wort 6 ounce of liquid [Storax?] 4 ounce of [Murrm?] a 1/2 an ounce of dragons blood one ounce of naturall balsome one ounce of red Saunders one ounce of plantan & Rose water of each halfe a pint of greene bay leaves, of Rosemary of balme Time Tutson of each one handfull

Take a brasse bason that will contayne 5 or 6 quarts & putt into itt the oyle olive the well water the veins Turpintine the liquid storax and stirre them well about that they may bee well mixed together then putt itt on the fire & wax [g??d] the hearbs therein shrede the hearbs before [yw?] putt them therin butt never wash them lett them bee cleane gathered then lett them boyle verry vntill the Hearbs bee tender & strayne itt whilst itt is hott which done cast away the Hearbs & drosse & lett the strayined liquor stand vntill itt bee cold & then cutt itt in 4 peices & take away the drosse & afterwards putt itt into a vessell with the Rose & plantan water & when itt is melted Styrre into itt the powder of Mumma of dragons blood & off Red Saunders & adde into itt the oyle of St Johns wort &the water all Balsome which done bury itt in the ground in a temperale place for the space of 12 months & after vse itt (butt itt may bee vsed presently after ittis made) allbeit that buried is of greater virtue It is good for all Aches Strains or [Synesos] anointinge the place greiued

Tis good for any Surfett plague or small pox if you give itt inwardly

An excellent Balsome curinge many disseases & all desperate wounds in the space of 24 hours

Take of Myrre of Aloer heaped of Spiknard of [sangirs?] [dracoins?] of carpobalsa of ammoniaum of Sarcocolla of Safron of Mashicke of Gumme Arobacke of Storax liquida of each 2 ounces of the [inine?] of Castorummum 2 ounce, of Muske, 8 ounce of Turpentine

Take the waight of all these powders that will bee powdered & mix them well with Turpentine putt them all into a [Lim be??] & distill itt ingemoussly Take the liquid distilled & keepe itt well in a glasse

The virtues

{1st} Dead bodys anointed therewith will nott corrupt or putirify

{2ly} It Restoreth pined bodys that are falne away temperd with Rose Water anointed from the one [?ks?] to the Reigns

{3ly} It taketh away the Shakinges of agues if ohe houre before the fitt you anoint the backbone warme leauinge itt soe vppon a cloth

{4ly} In soundinge itt is the as itt were the last refuge to anoint the backbone

{5ly} ffor losse of speech lay a little there off vnder your tongue

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