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Mris Anne Brumwich her Booke of
Receipts or Medicines, ffor Severall
sores and other Infermities

A medicine for the pearle in the eye which [Commoly] commeth with a stroke in the
eye and is a Little speck in the gray of the eye

Take a new layd egge & rost it very hard take of suger and Allum, of each
as much as an hasele nutt and beinge well brused together, take out the
yolke of the egge and putt into the place thereof the saide powder of suger &
allum, then clappe the shell together againe, while it is hott then Lappe the
egg in a Linnan Cloth & breake it with your fingers and wringe it hard
over a fayre sauser, & a there water will come from it the which yyou must keep
in a glasse and if the eye be very sore Take more of the suger then the allum
droppe one droppe of the same water into the eye with a ffeather morneinge
and evening, for toe nights and on morneinge, then Rest one Day and if
you feele it toe mend dresse it noe more, if not use it as before, note this
better the water will be, and see that the pacient Take but one Droppe
at a tyme as hee lieth in his bed

A Medecine ffor staime in the eye, which is a little dent or hole in
the gray of the eye as big as a little pins head

Take the white of a new layd egge and beate it with a fether in a pewter
dish untill it be all of a white froth like snowe, then strike it with your
fether all to the on side of the Dish, & sett it one slope & there will runne
a cleere water from it, & the better you beate your egge the Better
the water will be, then take a few daysie leaves, [p?me?] them small
and streyne them, and putt thereof into the water as much as will make
it greenish, and as much hony as will make it sweetish then stirre it
together with your finger and putt it into a glasse, for your use, Take
thereof one droppe into the eye by a fether fore nights & one morninge
and if then it be well use it noe more, if not use as before

A water for an eye whose white is as red as flesh
but the sight thereof is still Cleere

Take the white of a new layd egge and beate it with a spoone in a pewter
dish a greate while, then put thereto as much suger as will make it
sweetish & after the froth is taken from it, beate it againe with your
spoone and droppe one droppe of the said water into the patients eye
morninge and Eueninge untill you thatt perceive amendment and
you must make fresh water every day, this water is also good
for any eye that hath had a blowe given it with any thing


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