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A medicine for an eye that hath been swollen up toe or three dayes
and the meanes not knowne how it came or for an eye that hath
benne burned with fire

Take toe spoonefulls of breast, milke and as much rose water & suger as much
as will make it sweete, beate them uery well together, then take a peece
of a Rotten Apple, and Rwole it in the said water, and bind it toe the eye
day and night.

A medicine ffor An eye that hath a mist or a thicke [skinne?]
ouer it by the use of toe many waters & yett some sight
is Left in it

Take a quarter of a handfull of pearle water as much of daysie
leaues & rootes, a croppe or toe of Rosemary and toe or three leaues
of ground [?uye], and as much tyme, pume att these together in a
fayre wooden dish very small then take twenty [soues?] oftenwise
called wood lice, pume them with the herbs then putt them all
together into a drought of ale, and streyne it througha cleane
cloth and give it the patient fastinge toe drinke in the morninge
then bind toe his arme this medicine followinge viz

Take [Lenblock?] pealeworte & Confry of each halfe an handfull
one spoonfull of hony, pume them small with soe much a
Bolearinemack as will make it Looke red then bind it the patients
wrist, & contineu the said medicine till you find amendment

A medicine for an eye that is dimme inchinnge
toe a Caterict

Take a peniworth of white wine one peniworth of suger an
half peniworth of copperas a little allum putt them
alltogether into a glasse punned and searred until the suger
allum & Copperas be melted theam, then droppe three dropps
thereof into eye att night goinge toe bed and as much in the
morninge and if it be to shaarpe put more suger therein

A remedy to take out a gritt stickinge in the eye
which happeneth toe millers pickinge their mill

Take a needle and holdinge the poynte of it in your hand
stroke the eye within, with the eye of the needle over the
gritt and it will soe, loose it in tyme, then when the gritt
is out cover the eye close for a night and a day with a kerchif

A water to presearve the sight of the eye that is decaying

Take a gallon of raine water that falleth in June
and putt it into a earthern that that
was yett neuer used with any


A water to presearve the sight of eye that
is deacayinge

Take a gallon of rane water that falleth in June and put it into
an earthen pitcher that was yett neuer used with any thinge put therein
as much suger as a doues egge & of Roach allum and white
Copperas of each as much, beinge all well brused toe powder
soe lett it stand toe nights and toe dayes uncouered in some cleane
place out of the dust then put it into a glasse and lett it stand
in the same, all the summer close stopped & when you doe use it
droppe one droppe thereof into the patients eye euery other night
as hee lyeth in his bed

A water ffor Bleared eyes or that are
sore in the corners of them

Take a quarter of fayer Running water one handfull of souge
and when it seetheth put therein as much allum small punned
as will make it rough in tast lett it boyle halfe away, then
put therein as much hony as will make it sweete then lett it
boyle a [walme?] or toe, then take it frome the fire & Streyne it
thorough a fayer cloth into a stone pott and when it is cold
putt it into a glasse and soe keepe it for your use.

water for the eyes

Take a creampot or some such earthen vessell that hath not
beene vsed, and so many ounces of whaite copparas as that pot
will hold gallong of water obserue that that & portion and when
there is any snow to be had beat the copparas to powder and
put two or three good handfulls of pure and cleare snow into the
pott and put it hard down with your hand or the like and
then scatter a little of the said powder vpon it then put some
more snow there vpon, and so a layre of snow and a little powder
till the pot be full vpheaped and the powder spent, obseruinge
always as that the snow be putted hard downeas you put it into
the pot. Then couer the pott with a cleane linnen & cloath, and
place it in some sellar and when you see all the snow and frosts gone
in the feilds you shall soone after have the snow disolved in the earthen
pott, then, then dispose of the pot, so as that may not stand warme or
freese in frosty weather. when you haue vse for the water powder
some of it by the help of tunnell through linnen cloath into
a glasse or pott and take there of as you shall haue occasion
the longer you keep it, the stronger it will be, It will steane

The virtues of the said water.

{1 } It beinge dropped into the eyes will take away pearlas, pin in the
web or scum that groeth there, and cure bloodshotten eyes.

{2} It also so vsed will cure rumatice eyes that have not beene ill
longe so , but if they haue beene of any longe continuance, then
take a peece of a red rosecake of about three inches longe and
fowre aroad, and put eight or ten sponfulls of the said water into
a fruit dish with the said peine of rosecake, and towards bedtyme
sett them vpon some embers, now and then turne it and
stir it vp and downe and when the rosecake is well infused therein
the patient beinge in bed binde the said peece of rosecake blood

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