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36 (A drinke to dissolve an engendered hardnesse
in a breast that looketh white & is not to
bee broken

Take a gallon of small beare one handfull of egrimony a handull
of red sage an oz of sarsaparillo an oz of sweet fennill seeds
boyle all these together untill it come to 3 pints then putt itt
into a bagge of thinne canvas & putt ott into a gallon of ayle ye
beare & all
This drinke beinge drunke constantly wthout any other drinke
will dry ye tumour yt feeds the hardnesse applyinge to
itt a dissolvinge playster to ye breast

(A powder to dissolve ye hardnesse in a
breast yt is not to be broke

Take ye warts yt groweth uppon ye inside of ye 2 leggs of a man
dry them & beatt them to fine powder then take as much
as will lye upon [4 e] & putt itt into a pint of [6 s] beare all night
& drinke this beare in ye morrninge & fast an houre after itt
then putt as much beare into ye remainder of ye powder & drinke yt in ye afternoone & when you go to bed & so every
night refresh your powder
Anoint ye brest every morninge wth ungunt [mapolitaun]

(Another powder for ye same)

Take ye powder of snakewood yt comes from virginia ye weight
of 6 oz divide itt into 3 pts & give ye patient in ye morninge one part
& att 4 of ye clock in ye afternoone a part & att night when you go to
bed another

A poultise to breake a breast being very
hard and bigge like a cancer but white &
loose from ye ribbs

Take a pinte of clarest wine & 2 penny worth of saffron putt into
your wine upon ye fire & when itt boyleth thicken itt wth very fine wheaten
flouer when itt is well boyled & thicke take itt off ye fire & putt
into it ye yolke of a new layed egge & soe apply itt to ye breast
twice a day as hott as can bee suffered

+ for a cancer in ye breast

Take [togge lis] and putt them into a great spoonfull of white
wine and soe drink itt every morninge fastinge & fast 2 houre
after itt take this untill ye hardnesse bee dissolved

A Medicine too Cure the Jandise

Take a quarte of six shillings beere & put it into a stone pott put these
in one handfule of butter dock rootes cleane greased and sliced thin and handful
of the __uner kind of Barbery Barke and [rase] of turmerick: Lett all these
be steeped in beere & the next morninge poure forth a draught thereof into

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