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ffor a Cold

Take of Liquorish sliced of Aniseeds and fennill seed
of each one oz of figs shred razons of the sun stoned
and of Alicompany roots sliced of each 2 oz one handfull
of Hysop and one of Coltsfoote boyle these in 3 quarts of
small Ayle till halfe be consumed then putt in one penny
worth of Saffron 2 penny worth of sweet butter and a
spoonefull of honey lett them haue 2 or 3 walms and take 9 or 10
spoonefulls first and last warmd night and morninge

A Sirrop for a Cough

Take Hysop water and penny royall water of each halfe a pinte one oz of
Liquorish scraped and cutt in little short peices and beaten flat putt to
this one pound of double refind sugar and boyle itt to a sirrop
and so take itt uppon a Liquorish sticke att any time but especi=
ally morninge and Eveninge

For a Cough

Take 2 oz of Conserue of red Roses and one oz of sirrop of Hysop
one dramme of Sulphir one dramme of Olibanum in
powder mingle all these together and take itt uppon a Liquorish
sticke att any time when the Cough troubles yow

For a Cough

Take 4 oz of Conserue of red roses 2 oz of white sugar Candy
2 oz of razons of the sun stoned beat them all together untill
they bee all of one substance then putt to itt 12 dropps of oyle of
Sulphir 6 drops of oyle of Vitrall beat these all together very fine
while they are of a Crimzon Colour then putt itt into a gally
pott and when yow use itt take the quantity of a Nutmegge
fastinge in the morninge and neither eat or drinke in an
houre and as much att night when yow go to bed and drinke
not after itt use this till itt bee spent if yow haue occasion

This hath recouered those that the Doctors haue giuen ouer
being spent with a Consumption

A sirup for a Consumption could

{the Lady
Alse Clif:

Take of coltsfoote of woodbettene of burnet of red rose leaues of comphreye
roots sliste of each a handfull, boyle all these in a potle of Springe ouer a
soft fire till it come to a pinte then strane out these herbes and put thereto
a pounde of sugar and boyle it up to a syrop: thin: // These hearbs must be
boiled in an earthen pipkin that is well leaded and couered verye close
and they are to boyle twelue houres: // Of these take 3 spoonefull at night
in bed and 3 spoonefull at 5 a cloke in the morninge and indevour to
sleepe after it this is verye much comended to have cured manye
lik[?]ye on may ade more good herbes as maydenhaire hysop bame liverwort
longwort hartstounge a sprige of tamaris archangells endiue: egrymoney
bourage flowers buglas; horehound scabious:
rososolas, /roots parsley: fenell: elicompanye sure the iuse of these without
water may be very good also honey and saferon


Dr Burges his directions against the plague

Take three pintes of Malmesey, and boyle therein one handfull of sage
as much of Rue, untill a pinte be wasted, then streyne it, & sett it ouer
thee fire againe, and put theretoe a peniworth of Longe pepper: halfe an ounce
of Ginger, halfe an ounce of nutmeggs, all beaten together, then lett it
boyle a Little, & putt thereto one ounce of methridate & as much of treacle
and a quarter of a pinte of the Angelico water:

Take heareof allwayes both morninge & eueninge a spoonefull or twoe
if you be allredie infected & sweate thereupon 2 or 3 houres after it but
if you be not infected, a spoonefull a day is sufficient, the one halfe in
the morninge the other halfe in the eueninge, & that but thrice in the weeke
the patient must be kept uery warme & drinke nothinge but warme
drinkes & caudles, and make possett drinke of ale & milke with
some marigold Leaues and flowers, and drinke after his sweate
and take heede of Takinge Cold

Mr Dightons signes and sumetomes of the plague
with Directions ffor the infected or not infected

If any in an house begin to be sick & agueish in the stomack payned in
the head and after fall a burninge, he shall presantly goe to bed and
sweate, haueinge first Taken this medicine Followinge videlicet

Take some good sack or muskadine and to a draught thereof put
a prittie quantitie of Rue & sage, and wringe it out, then put
therein the quantitie of camphire and saffron, about the quantitie
of a good pease being well pounded by the Apothecary before
hand mixe it all together & drinke it & soe betake your selfe toe
sweate out the sicknes

For your chamber you should haue candles or Lampes burninge
all day, made of shoomakers pitch, and keepe the windowes close
and your selfe must comm only in them this is alsoe a good meanes
to keepe out the infection from an house

A Medicine for the Plague

Take as much Settwell root as a Nuttmegge putt itt
into 3 spoonefulls of Malmsey and drinke itt fastinge
3 mornings together

If yow feele paind in your head or otherwise suspect
your selfe to bee infected take as much Settwell root
grated as 3 good nuttmeggs mingle with itt 3 spoone
fulls of white wine Vinegar 3 spoonefulls of faire
water and one of Trekell [Gene] putt all together in a
little cup and warm itt as milke from the cow and take
itt in your bed then presently cast your selfe in a sweatt 2
houres if yow can.

And if yow bee infected itt will within 4 or 5 houres bringe
out a soare then take heede for your life yow take not cold
for the space of a weeke, the longer yow can abide the sweatt the
better itt is for yow itt may bee the soare will dissolue with
sweatt and never breake yow may heale itt as yow heale a bile
or such like

This must yow do to / as soone as yow begin to bee ill att ease
which commonly begins in the head before itt come to
the heart and by gods helpe itt will cure yow


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