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To make a very good purging drink

The Lady [Nuneys]

Take a good handfull of Balme a good handfull of Burage a good handfull of Mugwort [&]
of penyroiall a good handfull a sprig or two of Rosemary wash all these very clean;
then take 2 ounces of sene half an ounce of sweet fennill seeds a blade of mace a race or 2 of
Ginger a little Sinamond infuse all these into 3 pints of running watter upon a soft fire,
for 5 or 6 howers not to boyle but to Simper let the party drink every morning fasting
a poringer full till it is all spent & fast after it 5 or 6 howres and if need
requirs to make more of it as they think good; this is good to remoue obstructions &
for those that are trubled with the head ache and for the green sicknesse

To make a pouder for the Green Sicknesse which folowes
the foregoeing drink

Take 2 drames of well prepared Steel. 6 drames of Cinamond one [?] of fine Sugar make
of all these a very fine pouder take as much of this dry as will lye on a shilling
morning and at 4 of the Clock in the after noon drink a draught of opening Broat[h]
an houre or 2 after it

ffor purging

Take of your fatuda pills half a drame at a tyme in 3 pills, take 3 the day
before you begin your powder then euery other night when you goe to
bed take a couple of familiar or ordinary safe pills as occasion shall require

A Diet drink of the Lady Hussey of Docter Yarboroughs

Recipe of sharppointed Dockroot ½ li of Sow thistle & Cellandine the greater each 4 ounces Aron rods 1 ounce
Hartstongu leaues & Liverwort of each 2 handfull. Captain winters bark ½ ounce, midle bark of Ash
& Tamarisk & polipody of the oaks of each 1 ounce wild carrotseeds 1 ounce ½ Senne clensed 6 ounces,
Raisins solis stond 3 ounces, Rinds of 3 orenges & 3 Lemons: Let them be Sliced chopt & bruised
& put into a bagg for 3 Gallons of midling Ale without Hopps, when tis cleare drink a good
Draught euery morning & at 4 in the afternoone. [symbol]

Another for a Consumption of Mr Bodingdikes or cough

Half an ounce of Aniseeds the like of carawy seed the like of sweet fennell seed the like of flower
of Brimstone, 1 ounce of powder of Elecampane 1 ounce of green Licorish sliced a quarter
pound of blue figs sliced, 1 quarter pound raisins solis stond 2 pippins 1li honey. the 3 seeds
must be beaten & the husks sifted out; beat all these ingredients together till they are well mixt
& bake them in a new earthen pan a little high pan which will hold about a quart put the hony
in at last cover the pan close with a peice of Dough & bake it with a batch of bread Take it
first in morning & last at night half a spoonfull or a little more if you can. [?] this hath
cured many of very great coughs


A Diet Drinke For the springe tyme

Take of scuruie grasse halfe a pecke Wormewood one handfull
Rue halfe an handfull Brooklyme eight handfulls Liuerworte six
handfulls smallage foure handfulls peny royall halfe an handfull
Red Dock Leaues Rootes halfe a pounde nutmeggs halfe an ounce
Long pepper a quarter of an ounce, graines a quarter of an ounce
shred all these uery small make a pastie of it with Rye flower
two inches thick, bake it well, then slice it, three fingers
betwixt & put it into a Ielly Bagge, with a flinte stone and
soe hang it in a barrell of six shillings Beere and Lett it
be a fortnight before it be drawne

An Exelent purging dyet drink against the scurue Iandis or dropse
it opens the liuer splene & longues it clears the body bloud &
is a generall good against any distemper & is aponted
by Sr Thederan Myerane theis is to be drunk spring & fall

{this Mrs
has exprence}

Take to 9 galands of alle a peke of scuruiegrase of water
creses as much brooklyme a good handfull of red sage liuerworte
Scabues egremonet sorell, of each a good handfull stampe all the
Iuce put it into the alle take 2 ounces of rubarb 2 ounces of
agreg 3 ounces of turmerick 4 of sassafris 8 ounces of seney 8
of munks rubarb 4 of grene mader 4 of liceris 4 of aneysede
4 of swet fenell 4 ounces of ginger a pound of figes slised
a pound of rasons cut open put all this in a bage with a
wayght in the botom & drink halfe a pinte at morning & half
at a pinte at night let a man drink a pinte at a tyme

An aproued dyett drinck called the purging
ale to be taken euery spring & fall From the
first of Aprill to the end therof & from the
midst of September to the midst of October

Take this alle as aboue sade will cleanse the body of all
Corrupt humours & wind it will purge & cleanse the
Stomacke liuer longes head & other parts of the body with
out ofence auoiding ther with much watter & wind if any
be in the body resaruing to the party his naturall com-
plextion of body & bloud makeing the countenance chearfull
& the body lightsome & will purge noe longer then superflus
humers doe abound it is good for the dropsey & palsey megrem
or head ake the foullnes of the longes & paines of the back and
stomacke & diuers other deseases not hear menitoned i[t] may
be taken by an old body or child without ofence

Take 4 gallons of alle worte the strongest you can brue or get &
boyle it till it comes to 3 or ther abouts let it be of the first
spout as brewers terme it tune it up with good store of barme
that it may worke well but against you tune make a canuas
bag with a hasell stick thrust thorough it fasten the bag to
the stick that it may not goe with in 3 inches of the botom
of the barill nor touch the barme one the top then put
thes folling ingredients into the bag 6 ounces of sena 6 ounc[...]
of right polipodum of the oak 2 ounces of bay beres hull[...]
[2 ounces of [?aniseede] ? ounces] of the [k]ernells of ashen key[...]


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fatuda - perhaps asafoetida?


Sir Theodore Myron: https://www.google.co.uk/books/edition/The_Court_of_the_Gentiles_Etc/xAe6iCNLbm8C?hl=en&gbpv=1&dq=sir+theodore+myron&pg=PA351&printsec=frontcover