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23 bruesed ounces of sassafras wood 1/2 an ounce of rubarb let
all thes be seuerally brused into powder saueing the
sena which must be put in whole & when the alle
hath done working stope it up close leaueing good
store of barme on the tope. then put the folowing
& after 3 or 4 dayes drinck therof euery morening
halfe a pinte & euery evening 3 parts of halfe a pinte
in the morning take some warme broth an
hower before diner & it will worke the beter but
in the euening take it when you goe to bed keepe your-
selfe warme dureing the whole tyme the more you
exersis your body the beter it will worke.
You may if you pleas in the spring put in the iuce of
halfe a pecck of scuruigrase.

To make 3 gallons of Dryett drinke

Guacum 4 oz Sasaphras wood of the roots 2 oz Salsa=
parilla 2 oz Harmadactulum 2 oz Polipodium 2 oz
Madder Roots 2 oz Red Docke roots 2 oz Cena 3 oz
Fennyll seed 2 oz Liquorish 2 oz Scurvigrasse one
handfull Scabius one handfull Agrimony one handfull
Nuttmeggs 2 oz Synamon one oz Large mace 2 oz
Aniseeds 2 oz Ginger 2 oz slice those that are to bee
sliced and bruise those that are to bee bruised then putt
them all together in a linnen bagge & putt it into a
Runlett of 4 Gallons hanging itt by strings to play
up and Downe then putt into itt 3 gallons of good
beare or Ayle when itt is ready to bee tunned and
havinge the bag with all the Ingredients hanginge still
afterward 3 dayes yow may drinke of itt att all times
as longe as long as itt lasteth takinge no other drinke

A Dyett Drinke to cleanse the blood

Take halfe a pecke of Scurvigrasse 2 penny worth
of Smallige one pennyworth of Lovige 2 penny
worth of Watercreases One penny worth of longe
peper One penny worth of Graines 2 penny worth
of Saffron stamp the hearbs and beatt the spices first
then putt all in a linnen bagge and lett them steepe
3 dayes before yow drinke itt drinke here of euey
morninge a good draught and another att 4 a clocke
in the afternoone hange the linnen bagge in 3
gallons of good Ayle or beare with all the Ingredients
till all bee drunke up

The Lady Norriges Dyett drinke

Take of Cena 3 oz Yellow Docke roots Polipodium of the oake
of each one oz Choice Ruberbe and the best Agrige of
each halfe an oz sweett fennill seeds Coriander seeds of
each a quarter of an oz yellow sanders 6 drammes nuttmegs
Synamon Cloves of each one dramme and a halfe of the Cordiall
flowers of each halfe a handfull Sasaphras sliced halfe an
oz lett all these bee prepared accordinge to art and hangd
in 2 gallons of beare of a middle strength with a stone to
[make itt sinke in the same beare]


Toe make a powder to unstopp the liuer
Longues & milte

Take one ounce of Anniseede and one ounce of Licorish and one ounce of
Cummin seede and a quarter of an ounce of the Roote elicumpane, these dried
and made into a powder & drunken in possett drinke or ale or wine or
porrage, is good for the things aboue said.

{+} The recepte of a drinke good against the fumes
from the spleane & to open the obstrucitons

{Mrs Robenson Recept}

Take of baume halfe an handfull as much tamarisk as
much louage boyle them in a pinte & halfe of alle poset
drinke a drought of it morning & euening for a week
together sweten itt as you pleas.

A medecine for the splen proued

Take melleat Cammamill of each 3 handfulls Roman Wormwid
planting dittiny of each a handfull beat them small in a stone
morter then put to 3 pound of fine rosen 12 ounces of bese wax
& a pound of shipes suet a pinte of white wine & melt all thes
together in an earthen pot soe leting them stand 7 dayes then let
them be perfictly strained & soe use them plaster wise.

For the Spleene a generall purgation

Take halfe an oz of Cena One dramme and a halfe of Ruberbe
cutt in slices halfe a dramme of fennill seeds bruised in a mor-
ter 20 grames of Synamon beaten grossely Halfe an oz
of Tameriske whole lett all these bee putt in a platter
or an Earthen pott then power uppon itt the third part of
a pinte of boylinge water and lett itt infuse so all
the night the vessell beinge covered In the morninge streyn
the infusion addinge to the expression one ounce of Sirrop of
[Sciteran] with Ruberbe then take the potion beinge fastinge
takinge a broth 2 houres after itt and keepe the chamber
a whole day itt will purge gently and sufficiently.

{1st} Take once a generall medicine

{2ly} Afterwards use the best dryed ripe Apples rosted in the morninge
beinge fastinge and betweene meals

{3ly} Once every month rub your side with this decoction of
tobacco 5 or 6 dayes.

Take one oz of St Christophers Tobacco and cutt itt in slices
and afterwards putt itt in an earthen pipkin with one pinte
of beare and lett itt boyle together till the beare be halfe
consumed and after streyn itt up for your use and use
the said decoction as aforesaid.

{+} Do Lamores rare & never falling medicin for the Spleen

Tak a pound of your best green Sytrick as much green maydenhair as
much Angeleco as much hartstoung as much liverwort of green Speir-

mint 2 pound Cammamill half a pound rew a quarter of a pound
green tamerisk a quarter of a 3 pounds wormwood a quarter of a po[und]


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