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peny royall half a li Saxifrage otherwise called madefenill half a li prim=
rose leaves parsley & fenill roots of each half a pound burag bugles endiv
Sucry letice of each half a li marygold flowers which have the blak seeds on
them a quarter of a li of centry cardus sutherenwood germander of each a
quarter of a li. Anyseeds Caraway seeds sweet fenill seeds of each 2 ounces
of Coriander seeds & bay berrys half an ounce whit sanders whit orise
roots of each 4 ounces galengall an ounce bruse all your seeds slice all
your rots then take herbs roots & seeds boyle them in 6 galonds of spring
water till a 3d part be boyled away then strain it very clear & put into
the liquor 2 li of good figes 2 li of Reasons of the Sun stoned 3 pounds of
red corands put thes fruits into the drinke let it boyle half an hower
gently stiring it brusing them after put in 2 ounces of Rubarb sliced 4
ounces of Sena let this boyl on a gentle fire a quarter of an hower
then put it into a clean woden vesill clos let it stand till the next day
then strain it throug a Ielly bag wringing the fruit very well that the sweet=
ness may goe into the drinke then set it on the fire & claryfye it with the
whits of eges then let it stand till it is cold put to it 3 quarts of the best
malego sack as much whit wine stir it alltogether & tun it into a
barill or earthen ston stop it very close & let the party drinke half a
pinte in the morning fasting & at 4 in the afternoon as much & as much
an hower before he goeth to bed let them walk half an hower moderatly
after they have taken it if the party be young & able & Swing with his
armes till he be weary let him doe so euery tyme after his drinking
his drinke he must eat but 2 meales a day diner at a 11 of the clok
& supper at 6 let thir meat be most boyled & stwed with capers & brom
budes he must forbear all kind of milk meates & malencolly meates
as venison & have fresh beef or watter fowle they must forbear
pye crust hot bread puding or what is hard of digestion or to dirink
new bear or ale annoynt thir sides every morning with oyle of Capers
& thir stomacks stroaking down their sides & rubing in the oyle befor
a fire.

An Electurary for the same

Take of burag buglas suckery sage & rosmary flowers of the Conserve of each of
thes a quarter of on ounce of spear mint & Angelico of each half an ounce
mingle this all together then take 2 ounces of Conserve of marmelad of quinces & as
much of junipers then take an ounce of the powder of oris roots put to it 3 dropes of
the oyle of anyseeds as much of the oyle of nutmeges mingle all thes well together
put them to the Conserves ading 2 drames of fin powder of Rubarb as much
of Sena & as much Saferon beat all thes together in a marbell morter
put them into a gally pot & keep it for your use after they have drunk
the aforsaid dyet drinke let them take of this Electurary morning fasting
& at 4 of the Clock in the Afternoon & when they goe to bed the bignes of a
walnut & so let them take it till it is spent observing the same dyet
they did with the dyet drink.


Of the uertue of waters

Take water of buglass and ball called Melissa and the flowers of
Burrage, Reioyceth the hearte of man.

Water of the flowers of Elder is good for the hardnes of the melt
and it openeth the wayes of Urine and it flowreth the face

Water of of Rosemary is good for all cold passions of the sinewes

Water of plantane is good for bleeding, with refrigeration & stipticiti

Water of Sinke foile prouoketh Vrine and grauelye water

Water of Scabious is good for the passions of the brest as a cough & Canker

Water of the Rootes of bensens asperage fenell and parsly, and smallage
is good for the stone; for these herbs opens the vaines and prouoketh vrine

Water of the herbe called gramen killeth wormes openeth
oppulations and prouoketh Vrine

Water of night Shade or morraile is good for a hott Liuer and is uery

Water of maddell openeth the vaines of the matrice

Water of Cammemile flowers swageth inwarde paines

Water of mints comforteth a cold stomacke

Water of Bittanie openeth the vaines of the matrice

Water of Saxafrage Breaketh the stone in the blather and raines
and Drineth out grauely water

An excellent surrup for the Spleen

Take as many pared pipins stamped in a morter as will yield a pint
of surrup being strained then claryfyed over the fire & scume it then put
to it an ounce of Sena & a handfull of sweet fenill seeds then let it
boyle away somewhat about a quarter of a pint then strain it & put to it half a
pound of the best powder sugar 3 Spoonfulls of surrup of damask rosses &
this will give you about 12 stooles working gently ther must be 4 ounces of
surrup of rosses put into the pipen surrup while it is hot & to take 7 spoonfulls
at a tyme you may ade to a pound of this surrup an ounce of Ruhbarb
to the rest of the Ingredients

ffor the Spllen & Convouluisons

The decotion of the root Calamas drunk purgeth by urin helps the
pain in the side liver spleen convouluisons gripings & burstings it
helpeth pising by dropes


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