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To make the Cordiall powder

Take burnt hartshorne 2 drames white Corall 2 drames Coraline
2 drames prepared pearle one Scruple make thm all into a fine
powder & take of it as much as will heeape upon a groat &
mixe it with as much of the powder of earthwormes as will
heape upon a groate & wett it in a spone with a litell posett
drinke made with hartshorne ivory marygold flowers &
drinke a draught of it after & use excersise fasting 2
howers after it.

A Recipt to make Spiritt of Clovgille flowers

Take halfe a pecke of Clove Gilleflowers cutt of the
white thn thrust thm close into a ston pott & put to
thm a pottell of the best sake stope it very close &
tye it with a lether & set it in a seller 4 dayes
Then still it in an ordinary still take soe maney
gilflowers as befor soe cutt & putt thm into a pott
the distilled watter & power upon the gilleflowers as you
did the sacke before & soe let it stand 3 or 4 dayes more
& thn still it againe & power it upon halfe a peck
of freash gilleflowers more & soe doe this 3 or 4
tymes in the last stilling put 2 ounces of whit
sugar Candy finly beaten & put in to the glase that
receaveth it.

A Cordiall Electuarye La: Darces

Take of Eringo rootes preserved [Bittern] pills preserved of each 6 drammes
conserve of clovegilleflowers 5 drams conserve of red roses of burrage and
rosemary flowers of barbaryes of each halfe an ounce powder of amber & red
corrall of each 20 granes diamargiarton frigidum 2 scruples confectio all-
kermes 2 drams [east bezer] 10 granes; of ambergrease 3 granes: sirup of
clovegilleflowers as much as is sufficient to make it into an Electuarye there
must be conserve of cowslips as much as is of the gilleflowers.

A good surfet watter

Take of mint & wormwood & Cardus an equall quantity
or if you will more of cardus & so much new milk as
will cover the hearbs & let it steep all night & distill it next
morning this is very much approved.

To make the same called milk watter

Take cardus mint angeleco wormwood rue the herb called medow sweet
balm thes herbs if dryed are better than to use them green of
each a like quantity & put as much new mi[l]ke as will cover
them & so still it in a pewter still this watter is accounted
good agst surfets & to sweeten the blood, allso to take a good
quantity of hogs lice swetens the blood.


To make the plague watter

Take of Sage Salendin rosemary Rew worwood Rosasollis mugwort
pimpernell dragon scabious Agerymony Balm Cordore Carus St John
wort Bittany flowers & leaves & of mary gold flowers & leaves of each of
thes 2 good handfulls then take the roots of tormentill Angelica & Elicompany
pinoy & licoris [petecisus] & buterbane fentia zedery of each
of thes an ounce let all thes hearbes be washed & shaken in a
lining bag till they be dry shreed thm all together the roots being
thin sliced thn put thm into an Earthen pot wth a glaon & half
of whit wine so let it stand 2 dayes close covered stiring it
once a day destilling thm in an ordinary rose still not a limbeck
still it wth a soft fire reserving of the first 3 pints of the 2d
a quart of the last a quart stop thm Clos wth a Cork
you may give to a man or woman of the strongest 2 spoonfulls
though she be quick wth Child of the 2d sort twice as much
the Last sort given tow Children tht are young a Spoonfull lukwarm
in a litle sugar or sugar candy

An Excelent receipt for the plague wch did help 600 in York & in one house
wher 8 were Infected 2 of thm drunk of it & lived the other would not & dyed

Tak of ruh or hearbagrace a handfull half an handfull mary gold
fetherfew burnet sorell of each of thes as much, a good handfull of
the hearb Dragerion roots & wash all thes very well thn bruse thm &
put thm into a pot of watter thn boyle it well till it come to a quart let it cool
& strain it through a faire lining cloth thn put in a peice of sugar & 3
drames of mitherdate this must be drunk befor the marks come forth

To make a good surfet watter of popeys Lady Winsors way

To 6 galands of brandy take 4 good bushells of popyes the feild ons tht grow
in wheat gather thm as much as posible in fair weather sift thm clean from the
seeds [peick pick] thm from the green knots as fast as they are sifted put thm into the
brandy mixing thm wth the other druges ready prepared allso 5 quarts of burage
& buglas flowers cowslipes & sag flowers & of rosmary flowers if you can get thm
of each 3 pints a peck of gileflowers cliped 12 pound of blak cherys washed &
strained thn break the stones in a morter & put thm in allso a pound of figes a
pound of raisons half a pound of dates all stoned & cut an ounce of cardemon
seeds half an ounce of Anyseeds brused 2 good handfulls of Angeleco stalks slit
very small 6 ounces of liqurish scraped clean & infuse thes alltogether
for 14 dayes stiring it 2 or 3 tymes a day to the botom keep it close covered
thn strain it from the druges swetening it wth a litle duble refined sugar
so botell it up for your use it will keep many yeares as good as at the first
when the watter is strained off all to the druges a galond more of whit wine
wth a good quantity of green balmn stilled in an ordinary still this
makes a very good cordiall watter & you may ade some more blak cherys


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