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{118 +} To make a good surfet watter of popeys Mrs Purfrys
Take 2 quarts of brandy sack or aquauity one pound of lose sugar
set it in the sun 20 dayes shaking it together each day as you se
fit set it out for 2 or 3 howers in the heat of the day puting in 60
cloves as much synamond & a half peny worth of scotchenell hang
all this in a bag in a glasse to sun then put into a pot the aquavity
so suned half a bushell of red popeys of the feild to steep together for
24 howers then strain it out for your use keping it close stopt about
a spoonfull at a tyme is enough to take it is uery good for any distemper
as small pox or measells but singular good for surfets you may make
a watter with ye popyes & spice stilled with good herbs & aquiuita or wine
or what you will.

The Marquess of Dorchesters Cordeall water vsed by the
Family of the Pierponts.

Recipe Dragons, Rosemary, Wormwood, sage, Scordium, Mugwort, Scabius Balm, Carduus
Tormentill roots & leaues, tops of Betony flowers & leaues pimpernill Add woodsorrill Egrimony
Rue of [erdy] one of these half a pound Liquerish 4 ounces Elicampane 1 ounce, shred the herbs &
slice the rootes then put them into 3 Gallons of the best whit wine, let them stand couered
2 days & 2 nights stirring them morning & Euening, then take some of the herbs out of
the wine lightly squeezed with your hand & fill your still in the morning, an ordinary still &
let it be stilling 12 hours with a reasonable quick fire, then take the rest of the herbs
& wine & still them in a Limbeck as you do other strong waters till all the strength of the
herbs & wine be gone, you may make 3 sorts of water in your Limbeck & 2 of your still,
put the strongest sort of water you still in your ordinary Still to the smalest you still in your Limbeck
& so you may keep it all from Musting or frost 3 or 4 years, keep some of your 3 sorts to
delay the heat of the other, when you giue it little Children vnder 4 age of age put some
Sugar to it or syrop of Gillifloures, let it be almost bloud warm giving a quantity as you
think sutable to the disease: 9 or 10 spoonfulls is enough for man or woman.

This Cordiall is good against burning heats, plague, small pox, measells, any infectious
Disease from the heart after a surfet, good to be given to Children in fitts of an Ague
when they take it lye down & sweat & fast 2 hours before & after it.


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