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Receipts for Ciurgerey

A soueran oyle for to drope into wounds hurt with uermin weapons or pines pricked
Take the leaues flowers & seeds of St Iohns worte 2 great handfulls
of the leaves & flowers of balsom & valerean of each one handfull
bruse them & put them into a great dubell glase ade therto a quart of
white wine 4 poundes of oyle of ollive 2 poundes of oyle turpintin
set the glase stoped in the sunne 8 or 1[?] 10 dayes then bowle it in the
glase in a kittell of watter with some straw att the botome
which donne strayne the licqor from the hearbes & doe as you
did before putting in ye licke quantety of hearbes & doe as
you did befor putting ye licke q
flowers & seeds & boyle it againe
then straine it & keepe it for your use.

Mr Moullers fomentation for an extreame ach
or lamness

Take 6 galons of runing watter set it one in a brase pote
or skillet itt must be alle measuer put into it 3 alle quartes
of wood ashes then put of wormwood senterey & sant Iohns wort
of each a great bunch let thes boyle a bout a gallon away
ade a handfull of white sallt soe straine it & put it
into bottells & keepe it for your use stope it close this must
be used exceding hote with nuw white coten acording to
the bignes of the place greiued it is uery Comfortable & uery
streingthing if you will you may ade muskadine in the useing
of it but that must not boyle with it.

A green oyle for a bruse

Take a galon of sallet oyle put it into an earthen pote then
take sutherenwood sage Cammamile worme wood weigh them &
take a licke quantety of each shread them & put them into
the oyle to steepe 12 or 214 howers then take reed rose budes
the quantety of halfe a peccke cutt of the whites of them & putt
them into ye oyle 4 handfulls of lauender topes picked
stiring them every day then putt them into a brase panne & boyle
it upon a soft fyer the space of 2 howers & stire it all the
whille when it hath boyled an hower take it of & putt
into it halfe a pinte of aquaita then set it one & let it boyle
one halfe hower then take it of againe & put into it halfe
a pinte more of aquauita then set it one the fyer & let it
boyle half an hower after that strayne it through a
Clean cloth into a bason & soe let it stand till it be cold
then putt it into a glase & keepe it the hearbes must be
gathered in May & layde in steepe till you cane haue the
rose budes & lauender you must put the hearbes into the oyle
when it is boyling or else it will not be greane.

An Exelent receipte for a bruse all though it be neuer soe bad in any parte of ye limes

Take cow dounge & sprinkell it with a litell wine uinagar &
putt into it a litell barowes grease & warme it in a frying pane
& applye it as hote as the paitent cane induer it & giue him
to drinke permecitey or irish slate or moma or some of the
ballsom & keepe him warme & this by gods helpe will
Cuer him in a shorte tyme.

To make the Paraceltion plaster

Take of these 4 gumes that is to say gallbanado opopany of each an ounce
Amoniagum & bedellium of each 2 ounces let them be beaten uery small
put them into an earthen potte that will hold 3 pintes it must be well
leaded or glased then power upon the sade gumes a pinte of the best wine
uinagar & couer them close that nothing fall into them & let them remain
a day & a night then take a quarter of a pinte more of uinagar &
putt into them stiring them a litell then sett them one the fyer untill
they be throughly mellted contually stiring them then take of
nuw canuas that is uery thine & straine them into the potte againe
& soe sett them upon a uery gentell fyer of coalles keeping the fyer from
the sides of the potte that the gumes may simper untill the uinagar be
all soden away & euaporated simper the gumes untill they will spread
licke a salue in the simpering of it you must continalley stire
it with out seaseing let the gumes be browne & take heede lest any
thinge fall into them then take a quart of the best oyle oliues &
putt it into a pott well leaded or glased that holdeth a pottell
or more & set it one a soft fyer of coalles & put into it halfe
a pound of nuw wax cutt it into small peces & soe let it melt
in the oyle by leaseuer & when you are suer the wax is throughly
melted put into it a pound & a halfe of lithrage of gold beaten
into uery fine powder breake the powder with a Cleane knife
that ther be no lumpes stiring them continalley with a stick
or spateuer or such like by litell untill the nend thinges be well
mellted together & then it will be a tauney Coller & thicke then take
it of the fyer when it hath done simppering a litell while then take
of the fore sayd gumes that wer first boyled & with your stick or
spateuer take of them the quantety of a nutt & putt the same into
the same matter stiring it continauley & soe by litell at seuerall
tymes putt in your gumes by such a licke quantety untill the sayd
gimes be all putt in & be well mixed together with the other
things your gumes will be allmost an hower aputting in therfor
when you se it begin to be Cold set it one a few Imbers taking
great heed it be not ouer hotte for then it will rune ouer into the
fyer for it is uery hotte of it selfe but if the worst should
hapen that it sudenly begine to rune into the fyer that you
cannot stay it haue a bowle of watter by you & quickly
put it into the watter & set it one the fyer againe when it
is taken out of the & when ye gumes are well putt in &
throughly mixed & melted after put in the thinges following take
of the 2 kindes of Aristologiah Rotundo Calaminaris Myrthe
Friankencenes of each of them one ounce beate them into uery fine
powder & searese it through a uery fine cloth twice power in the
myrth after the powder & Frankensence last of all mingell them in a
paper & power them into the same matter leasuerly then power into
it an ounce of the oyle of bayse & lastly putt therin pure turpentin
4 ounces when you put in your turpintine take it of the fyer a litell
while & stirre it with uery great dilegence else your turpintin
will cause it to runne into the fyer & if you would know wither
it be well & suffently soden putt a litell into Cold watter & if
it be not soe soft that it will cleaue to your finger but if
it clave to your finger it is tow softe & thefor let it simper
longer untill it be uery well simpered then take it of ye fyer & 60
putt soe much of it upon a bord anoyented with oyle of roses as
will make a great rowle & when it is cold you may handell it

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Lithrage of gold = litharge of gold, which is a litharge of lead coloured red.